9 Rooms Doing the Bold Color Trend Right

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    How to Use Brightly Colored Furniture in Your Home

    Color lovers rejoice! The long-standing neutral design trend seems to finally be giving way to a fierce wave of color, with splashes showing up everywhere from the kitchen to the kids’ rooms. Color can add freshness to a room, energizing a dull space with pop and shine. Here are some rooms that illustrate this emerging trend.

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    Creating Statement Pieces

    This Kelly green cabinet is vibrant but soothing, evoking the color of rolling green hills. The added touch of the tiny blue lantern set on top makes one think of the sea and sky – a beautiful combination.

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    Colored Kitchen Cupboard

    Blue, in the kitchen specifically, seems to be a trend within a trend. Here are two kitchens that have chosen to use blue cabinets with remarkably different results. The first uses a vibrant royal blue creating a fresh, cheerful look in this rustic cabin.

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    Bold Kitchen Cabinet

    The second look is completely different, and uses a hue closer to navy. The result is modern with a sophisticated and restrained look.

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    Brightly Painted Furniture

    This is the sweetest little vignette, reminiscent of a confection. The high gloss, richly saturated yellow lamp set atop the pale blue cabinet makes a bold statement but remains calming and sublime. A fabulous execution.

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    Bright Green Living Space

    This room takes its cue from nature. The giant glass doors allow a flood of natural light and frames the beautiful garden . Pale green walls, green chairs and a striped blue/green rug complement the view , making the interior feel like an extension of the outdoors.

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    Bold Dining Room

    Orange is a color that, generally speaking, tends to have a more modern appeal. It lends itself particularly well to the clean lines of iconic modern furniture designs, as seen here. The color is used sparingly so as not to overwhelm the space, making the room feel airy and light.

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    Mixing Colors with Patterns

    This room is probably the most electric in the lineup. Not only does it use two very bold hues of blue and orange but it also incorporates strong patterned elements in the rug and chairs. This brave look all magically works in concert to create a fun, sophisticated living space.

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    Pastel Pink and Green Living Room

    This is not your typical pink and green combination. Or at least not what one conjures up when talking about this classic color duo. This combination uses a subdued blush pink and a rich forest green – and the result is stunning. The feminine and strong palette anchors the crisp , otherwise neutral space.

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    Bright Nursery Idea

    Bright and Colorful Nursery Design
    Design Sponge

    This room is a brilliant kid space. It’s a riot of color and pattern that exudes positive energy and playfulness. The canary yellow crib steals the spotlight but the room is carefully accented with hanging frocks, a chair rail lined with trinkets and patterned textiles that all enhance the look.