10 Bold Color Schemes for the Bedroom

A high-contrast color scheme doesn't have to be garish. When you use the right two colors in your palette, the result is interesting, a bit exciting and quite sophisticated. For proof, check out the ten bedrooms featured here.

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    Gray and Turquoise

    Gray and turquoise bedroom
    Peter Mukherjee / E+ / Getty Images

    Silvery gray is sophisticated and understated, but match it with bright turquoise and suddenly the bedroom's style takes on a bit of an edge. Notice how easy it is to liven up a neutral bedroom with color—all it took was two turquoise throw pillows and a blanket to add excitement to this room.

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    Pink and Brown

    Brown and pink bedroom
    LOOK Photography / Gettty Images

    Pink is often thought of as a little girl's color, but pair it with chocolate brown and the vibe goes from innocent to stylish. There's nothing overly sweet or childish about this bedroom, especially with the touches of chrome in the metal nightstands.​ The trick is to select a shade of pink that isn't pastel and isn't too bright—mid-tone is just right.

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    Purple and Blue

    Purple and blue bedroom
    Michael Grimm / Getty Images

    Cool, serene and just a bit moody—this palette is peaceful, but not at all boring. With a blend of lilac, amethyst, pale blue, and cobalt blue, the bedroom has a lot of interest without being overly stimulating or bright. The effect is heightened by sticking with mostly solid colors, accented by a few small, unobtrusive prints.

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    Orange and Green

    Orange and green bedroom
    Marje Cannon / Getty Images

    This cheerful bedroom looks almost tropical, thanks to the yellow base of both the orange and green used here. When you decorate with two secondary colors, you get a lot of excitement, but choosing slightly muted shades, as in this bedroom, keeps the look from overwhelming the space.

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    Aqua and Black

    Aqua and black bedroom
    Fotosearch / Getty Images

    There's an almost retro flair to the palette in this bedroom—black, aqua and just a touch of gold. But the simple, elegant lines of the black furniture and the contemporary print on the bedding keep the style firmly set in the present day, not out of fashion at all. Notice how matching the wall color to the bedding makes this tiny bedroom look larger, as well.

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    Mustard and Wine

    Mustard and wine Tuscan bedroom
    LOOK Photography / Getty Images

    There's a definite Mediterranean vibe to this bedroom, and that's thanks to the Old World palette of mustard yellow and wine-tinged red. Although this color combo is not loud or bright, it is certainly not timid or unobtrusive, either. While the palette is especially appropriate for a Tuscan-themed bedroom, it also works well with any traditional, somewhat formal decorating style.

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    Pink and Orange

    Pink and orange bedroom
    Deborah Jaffe / The Image Bank / Getty Images

    It's the perfect combination for a girl's bedroom, true, but pink and orange are also lovely in a feminine, grownup bedroom when the shades chosen are medium in intensity, and the orange is a pure shade, not yellow-orange or red-orange. Notice how this bedroom makes excellent use of pattern—there are several different designs on the bed, but all are similar in scale and confined to just three colors—white, orange, and pink.

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    Purple and Brown

    Purple and brown bedroom
    Doga Yusuf Dokdok / Getty Images

    Elegant, sophisticated, contemporary—this bedroom would be a simple study in neutrals, but the shots of dazzling amethyst purple on the shams and bedspread transform the room from so-so to wow. Keeping the bright color limited to just a few accents keeps the style elegant, not garish.

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    Black and Green

    Black and green bedroom
    Wendellandcarolyn / E+ / Getty Images

    Here's a bedroom that proves you don't need a bright color to create a bold look in the bedroom. The green used here has a yellow, mossy undertone that would be equally at home in a country or Mediterranean bedroom, but combined with the black, contemporary styling of the furniture and the updated paisley-patterned bedspread, the look is modern, strong and yet still restful.

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    Orange and Blue

    Orange and blue bedroom
    Fuse / Getty Images

    Orange and blue are complementary colors, meaning they are directly across from each other on the color wheel. Anytime you mix highly contrasting colors, the result is dramatic and exciting. To keep the look from being overly stimulating in the bedroom, use the color as an accent against a backdrop of white, soft gray, tan or sandy beige. This bedroom would be bland, but the high-impact pops of color add a much-needed wow factor.