19 Statement-Making Light Fixtures for the Nursery

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    Nursery Lighting

    Hello Gorgeous!. Photo via David Scott Interiors.

    Looking for a way to make a statement in the nursery? Look up! A striking, new light fixture can really add to your design. Why not replace that standard-issue ceiling lamp with a fun, oversized pendant or even an elegant chandelier? It’s a simple way to make a big difference to your little one’s space.

    Need a little inspiration? These bold beauties should do the trick! Just scroll through and see what turns you on.

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    Orbital Sphere Pendant

    Photo via Restoration Hardware.

    A rustic, industrial-inspired globe made entirely of concentric metal bands.

    Restoration Hardware, $189.00 (Small) $345.00 (Large)

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    Capiz Round Pendant

    Photo via West Elm.

    This shimmering, gold pendant features naturally luminous Capiz shells, each cut and strung by hand. Also available in white.

    West Elm, $74.97 

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    Faceted Capiz Drum Pendant

    Photo via West Elm.

    Another beautiful fixture from West Elm featuring sea-worn Capiz shells cut and arranged in a modern, geometric pattern.

    West Elm, $199.00

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    Coral Pendant by David Trubridge

    Made from sustainable bamboo plywood, this modern globe pendant is as stylish as it is environmentally friendly. Available in an assortment of colors.

    YLighting, $340.00

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    Bentwood Pendants

    Photo via West Elm

    Warm wood pendants offered in an assortment of playful geometric shapes.

    West Elm, $189.00

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    Flowering Lotus

    Photo via Euro Style Lighting.

    Made of metal and finished in a rich, antique gold, this blooming lotus lamp gleams with unique charm.  Available as both a small accent pendant and a full-size fixture.

    Euro Style Lighting, $237.91 (Small) or $487.91 (Large)

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    Notre Monde "Origami" Pendant

    Photo via West Elm.

    With its uniquely faceted shape and elegant, foxed-mirror finish, Notre Monde’s stunning “Origami” pendant is a true work of art.

    West Elm, $249.00

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    Worlds Away Clear Star Chandelier

    Photo via Layla Grace.

     Looking for a nursery theme? This twinkling, glass pendant will have you seeing stars!

    Layla Grace, $210.00 (Small) $373.00 (Extra Large)

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    Worlds Away Mariah Pendant

    Photo via Layla Grace.

    Another geometric beauty featuring trapezoids and triangles cut from gleaming glass.

    Layla Grace, $448.00

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    Mila Pendant Lamp

    Photo via PoshTots.

    A blossoming orb of delicate, Capiz shell petals. Available in white, pink and turquoise.

    PoshTots, $473.00

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    Faceted Antique Mirror Pendant

    Photo via PoshTots.

     This mirrored drum pendant shines with contemporary charm. 

    PoshTots, $745.00 

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    Diamond Pendant Lamp

    Photo via Lucretia.

    A modern jewel in shimmering gold. Also available in black, white and chrome.

    Go Lights, $385.00

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    The "MASKROS"

    Photo via IKEA.

    Inspired by the delicate magic of a dandelion in the wind, this whimsical pendant lamp projects dancing shadows onto your little one’s ceiling and walls. Available in two sizes.

    IKEA, $49.99 (Small) $89.99 (Large)

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    The "KNAPPA"

    Photo via IKEA.

    A modern take on a blooming flower, this simple pendant casts a soft and moody glow.

    IKEA, $29.99

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    Expandable Pendant Light

    Photo via IKEA.

    This versatile puzzle pendant transforms from a modern, geometric-inspired fixture to a glowing globe with a pull of a string. Choose from two bold accent colors.

    IKEA, $69.99

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    Shimmer Pendant

    Photo via Pottery Barn Teen.

    Available in two sizes, this sparkling globe pendant features strings of crystal beads woven into a reflective, steel ring frame. Hang individually or as a matched pair.

    Pottery Barn Teen, $79.00 (Small) or $179 (Large)

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    Teardrop Chandelier

    Photo via Pottery Barn Teen.

    Three tiers of cascading crystals add drama to this compact, pendant-like chandelier.

    Pottery Barn Teen, $129.00.

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    Faceted Pastel Pendant

    Photo via Urban Outfitters.

    A gorgeous, geo-faceted fixture in fresh aqua. Also available in white.

    Urban Outfitters, $129.00

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    Catalina Beaded Chandelier

    Photo via Pottery Barn Teen.

    Strands of chalk-white, wooden beads give this beautiful fixture a casual, coastal look.

    Pottery Barn Teen, $249.00