Bonnie Bedelia as Camille Braverman

Parenthood Character Bio

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Bonnie Bedelia stars as Camille Braverman on NBC's Parenthood. Photo © Getty Images

Bonnie Bedelia stars as Camille Braverman on NBC's Parenthood. Camille is the matriarch of the Braverman family. She's married to Zeek and, now that the kids are all grown up, their marriage's wear and tear is starting to show.

Camille Braverman's Family

Parenting Challenge

As the mother of four grown children, Camille thought she was done parenting her kids.

But son Adam is coping with his son's Asperger's syndrome diagnosis. Daughter Sarah has just moved her and her two teenagers into Camille and Zeek's house. Daughter Erika is a working mom who wonders if she's missing out on her own daughter's life. Camille's son Crosby is a 30-something single guy who still acts like a teenager.

Memorable Quotes from Camille Braverman

"Yeah, but did his neck veins pop?"

"Your grandpa's an idiot."

"Do you remember his uncle? The one who married the transsexual. They're still together. Can you believe it? I mean, talk about bucking the odds."

Episodes Featuring Camille Braverman

Episode 1: Pilot
Camille welcomes daughter Sarah back home. Full Episode Recap

Episode 2: Man Vs. Possum
Husband Zeek encourages daughter Sarah to look for a job in advertising/PR. Camille applies the "ain't broke, don't fix it" attitude that Sarah should look for another job in bartending.

Full Episode Recap

Episode 3: The Deep End of the Pool
Camille talks to Sarah's ex-boyfriend Jim on the phone after the two of them break up. Sarah is not at all pleased about their chat. When Sarah's car conks out, Camille tells her she wants to buy a used car for her. Sarah adamantly tells her, "You may not buy me a car." Full Episode Recap

Episode 4: Whassup
Camille's granddaughter Haddie has a new, secret boyfriend. She brings him to the family barbecue to meet the entire Braverman gang. Camille's husband Zeek takes it upon himself to talk to grandson Drew about the time he's spending behind locked, closed doors. Full Episode Recap

Episode 5: The Situation
Camille's son Adam and grandson Max get parenting advice from grandson Drew, who is Sarah's son. Daughter Sarah is making a new friend in Berkeley -- granddaughter Amber's high school English teacher. Full Episode Recap

Episode 6: The Big "O"
Camille finds out her son Crosby has a child. She embraces her son's news, while Zeek seems more in shock. Full Episode Recap

Episode 7: What's Goin' On Down There?
Camille's son Adam is struggling with his work/family life schedule. Her daughter Sarah is getting serious about Amber's English teacher. But there's a problem. Full Episode Recap

Episode 8: Rubber Band Ball
Camille's husband Zeek and son Adam head on a road trip. Camille helps Sarah with her issues with Amber. Full Episode Recap

Episode 9: Perchance to Dream
Camille's son Adam has his hands full when Kristina goes back to work. Daughter Sarah may be changing her life. Full Episode Recap

Episode 10: Namaste No More
The four Braverman kids stage an impromptu intervention to get Zeek to tell Camille about the money issues. Camille shares a secret with Sarah. Full Episode Recap

Episode 11: Solace
Camille spends an evening as a separated woman, and ends up with her art teacher. Full Episode Recap

Episode 12: Team Braverman
Camille confesses to daughter Julia that she doesn't think Zeek will be moving back in. Meanwhile, Adam confesses to Zeek that Camille had a one-night stand with her art teacher. Full Episode Recap

Episode 13: Lost and Found
Zeek tries desperately to win back his wife. Full Episode Recap