15 Ideas for That Bonus Room That Leaves You Stumped

kids craft and playroom

Kyle J Caldwell for Curated Nest

If you have an extra room in your home that could use a little love, you've come to the right place. There are so many ways to make the most of a "bonus room" in your house, from the very basic (using it as a guest room) to the ultra innovative (turning it into a "secret hideaway"). Below, we're sharing 15 of our favorite bonus rooms from designers, many of which are perfect for busy families.

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    A Themed Guest Room

    coastal guest room

    Proximity Interiors

    Designer Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors appreciates paying homage to a home's surroundings when designing a guest room. "If the home is on the coast, incorporate coastal design accents to add a bit of fun and escapism," she says. In this space, coral accents and soft blues and whites are reminders of the ocean.

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    A Game Room

    game room with tables and tvs

    Quentin Penn-Hollar for Kathy Corbet Interiors

    This game room by Kathy Corbet of Kathy Corbet Interiors resembles an arcade—only it's way chicer! In addition to featuring standard games like ping pong and pool, the space also contains multiple TVs, perfect for video gaming.

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    A Delxue Playroom

    playroom with jungle gym

    Quentin Penn-Hollar for Kathy Corbet Interiors

    This playroom looks like something that would be a major tourist attraction—but it's actually just located in a private home! Also designed by Corbet, it's full of color—and is sure to provide hours of entertainment for young ones.

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    A Home Theater

    home theater with movie seats


    Movie buff? Why not incorporate home theater into your house? Designer Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA did just that for a client, including tiered, formal movie theater seating that makes for an ultra-luxe experience.

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    A Personal Training Center

    home gym with mirrors and yoga mats


    Why haul yourself all the way to the gym when you can work out in a personalized at-home studio? Goldberg also designed this personal training center and filled the space with full-length mirrors, motivational posters, and a wide assortment of equipment to recreate the feel of a standard gym, just on a smaller scale.

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    A Family Learning Center

    office and learning area for family

    Sroka Design

    Designer Skip Sroka of Sroka Design converted an underutilized formal living room into an office/learning area for the whole family. The room features three separate desk/computer stations, a printer tucked away in a cabinet and a table that allows for collaborative work. "Although the room has lovely windows, we were sure to incorporate recessed lights, a pendant light, and specific task lighting to make sure this room was bright and functional, no matter the time of day," adds Sroka. "Frosted glass steel doors provide privacy when needed."

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    A Secret Getaway

    escape area for relaxation

    Sroka Design

    As part of another project, Sroka created a soothing "secret getaway" room. "This room is the perfect place to relax and recharge in a full, busy house," he says. "Escape by pushing on the secret door and curl up with a book in this beautifully upholstered window seat or take a nap in the built-in bed."

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    A Library/Office

    library with separate office

    Sroka Design

    Sroka found a way to convert a library into a work-from-home station. "It’s not necessary to dedicate an entire room to working from home," he explains. "This library doubles as a workstation when the custom doors are opened, revealing a desk area." The ease of being able to close the doors makes using the room to entertain nice and simple—no one has to bear witness to a messy desk!

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    A Foyer Dining Room

    foyer turned into dining room

    Kristina Phillips Interior Design

    Designer Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design transformed a sizable foyer into a dining space for a couple who loves to entertain. "The high ceiling makes it feel bigger than it actually is, yet keeps it intimate," she explains.

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    An Artist's Studio

    artist's studio with desk and easel

    Sara Hillery Interior Design

    Designer Sara Hillery of Sara Hillery Interior Design created an artist's studio for a client who began painting as a hobby—and since having a dedicated space in which to pursue her craft, has since won many awards! In designing this type of space, Hillery makes a point to incorporate ample lighting and storage while drawing in personal touches. "For a creative space, I especially showcase clients’ sources of inspiration," she says. "It is important to surround yourself with the things that hearten you and ignite your creative process."

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    A Respite Room

    An in-home relaxation room

    MA Design

    Why not design a room specifically for taking a break from it all? Hayley
    Perrault, interior designer and sustainability specialist at MA Design, aims to include "respite rooms" in every one of her projects. These spaces feature essential oils, a sound machine, coloring books, eye masks, earplugs, and other calming items. "When designing a room like this, I recommend implementing biophilic design elements like dappled lighting, plants, natural materials, and soft curves or forms to help create an environment in which you can relax," adds Perrault.

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    A Craft and Play Room

    kids play and craft space

    Kyle J Caldwell for Curated Nest

    This dedicated play and craft space by designer Erin Coren of Curated Nest gives kids the space to get creative, whether reading, making an art project, or simply playing with toys. In a space like this, proper organization methods are key. "Baskets and bins for dedicated items near where they will be used can make this a streamlined process," says Coren.

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    A Golf/Workout Room

    rec room

    Lauren Grumbles Interior Design

    Designer Lauren Grumbles of Lauren Grumbles Interior Design turned an extra room in her clients' pool house into a recreation space that houses a golf simulator and some exercise equipment, along with a small lounge area. "This room was created for a family that really enjoys sharing time together, so even if one member is practicing his swing, the others still have plenty of room to gather and cheer each other on," she says.

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    A Music Room

    music lounge

    Thomas Kuoh for Studio Munroe

    Designer Emilie Munroe of Studio Munroe chose to create a bonus section in her client's living room. One served as a common lounge space, while another became a spot to enjoy music—it features four lounge chairs, a storage ottoman, and a record player. "In a pinch, the music area served as additional seating, but day to day it had a specific purpose that the whole family enjoyed," Munroe reflects.

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    A Kids' Rec Room

    kids' rec room

    Grey Joyner Interiors

    Designer Grey Joyner of Grey Joyner Interiors chose to convert her garage into a rec room for her kids, as they needed their own place to watch movies and hang out with friends. "It is now one of the most used spaces in our home, and you can find my husband and me there playing games and watching TV on occasion as well," says Joyner.