Which Boogie Board Writing Tablet Is The Best?

Boogie Board Scribble and Trace
Boogie Board

In a world full of tablets, ever considered buying an e-writer or an LCD writing tablet? If you are unfamiliar with Boogie Boards, think of them as a high-tech version of an old school "dry erase" board.

There are many reasons why you might consider buying a Boogie Board tablet. One reason, kids love simple technology toys that keep them entertained. Additionally, a Boogie Board encourages creative expression while remaining environmentally friendly; kids are not wasting excessive sheets of paper creating their artwork. The magnetic attachments on the back give you the option to hang this high-tech sticky note to the side of a refrigerator or on a metal door. 

Some children prefer to draw pictures on them, but a Boogie Board can be used for many other educational activities. They might use a Boogie Board to practice writing letters, spell sight words, solve math problems, write notes to friends and family, or make a list of items they need to bring to school or sports.​​​

The biggest drawback to an e-writer is that if you make one simple mistake, you have to decide whether to erase the whole screen and start over, or leave it, and use your imagination to make it work. You can not erase small details.

Many Boogie Board tablets are designed with features and accessories for kids. However, there are versions of the tablet that are perfect for list-making parents and business professionals. Check the list to determine which e-writer is best for you and your individual needs. 

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    Boogie Board Jot 8.5

    boogie Board jot
    Boogie Board

    The Boogie Board Jot 8.5 has a very thin LCD screen. A "pen" or stylus, allows users to draw and write, just like pen on paper.

    Adults and teens will enjoy creating to-do lists and doodling. Parents will be drawn to the lightweight features and slim profile of the Jot 8.5, making it easy to keep in a purse for family travel or entertainment in a restaurant.  

    In comparison to other technology, the Boogie Board is low-tech, but it has some great high-tech features. The Jot integrates with a smartphone app that will capture the contents of the screen. Drawings, notes, and lists do not have to be lost forever once the erase button is pushed. Through the app, pictures and words written on the Boogie Board can be saved to a camera roll and emailed, texted, or shared. 

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    Scribble n' Play

    Boogie Board Scribble and Play
    Boogie Board

    The Scribble n' Play includes the same features of the traditional Boogie Board Jot 8.5, but the writing surface underneath allows doodlers and creative geniuses to scribble and doodle with a rainbow effect. Four different styluses, each with different drawing tips, are easy for young children to hold. Styluses store and firmly attach to the corners of the e-writer when not in use.

    Aside from doodling and creative expression, there are many educational activities kids can also use an e-writer for. Maybe it is the darker colored screen, the "tech feel" of an erase button, or the ease at how the boogie board stylus moves across the board, but using a Boogie Board is fun and it does not feel like work. Many kids are excited to grab the tablet out of the hands of an adult and spell words and solve math problems.

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    Boogie Board Play N' Trace

    Boogie Board Play and Trace Ewriter
    Boogie Board

    The Boogie Board Play N' Trace has a very unique shape. Some kids might think of it as their painter's palette, parents are so excited about the learning and educational opportunities.

    While it is not as vibrant as the traditional black-screened Boogie Boards, the Play N' Trace  has a special "clearview" surface. This screen does what most other Boogie Boards can not, it allows kids to trace. Kids enjoy tracing letters, numbers, and creating mazes.

    Different themed activity cards and re-usable clinging sheets, which are purchased separately, are placed on the bottom of the e-writer for kids to trace. 

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    Jot 4.5 With Clearview

    Boogie Board Jot with Clearview
    Boogie Board

    Building on the success and popularity of the Play N' Trace, the Jot 4.5 with Clearview uses the same clear writing surface, in a smaller, more portable version. The stylus easily clips on to the side of the e-writer.

    While older children might enjoy being more creative through drawing and tracing Disney Princesses or Star Wars characters, the Jot 4.5 also includes 20 traceable cards. Your young learner can place a card under the Boogie Board and trace their letters and numbers.

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    Jot 4.5

    Boogie Board Jot 4.5
    Boogie Board

    If you love the original Boogie Board Jot but think it is too big, the Jot 4.5 might be the perfect solution. The Jot 4.5 has the bright LCD screen Boogie Board users love with the ability to easily slip into a pocket, purse, backpack, or the pocket in the backseat of a car for kids to use on-the-go.