Boogie Wipes Review

Boogie Wipes

Boogie Wipes are a great addition to your winter survival kit if your family is prone to getting colds. If you've got allergy-sufferers, you may also love Boogie Wipes in the summer. These saline-infused wipes can be used to clean off your baby or toddler's nose, and they work pretty well to remove the crusty mess that often results when little ones get runny noses. They have soothing chamomile, vitamin E and aloe in them, along with the saline, and they come in fresh scent, grape scent, and unscented.

You still may need regular tissues for some situations, but using Boogie Wipes when you can should mean that your little one's nose is less irritated, and you spend less time struggling to wipe a wiggly child's nose.


  • No alcohol so these wipes won't dry or sting skin.
  • Added saline helps remove dried "boogies" around baby's nose.
  • Can be used for other baby or toddler cleanup, as well.
  • Available in 30-count packs or individually wrapped.


  • Scent may be a little strong for some.
  • The wipes aren't really absorbent, so for really runny noses, you may also need a tissue.

When your baby or toddler has a runny nose, you suffer almost as much as your little one every time you try to wipe that tiny nose. The usual result is a baby nose with at least a little bit of dried-up mess around it. No matter what you call it, it's still gross! Boogie Wipes are made to address that mess.

These saline-infused wipes are used like a tissue, but the saline helps loosen the dried up stuff so your baby's nose can be clean again. Since there's no alcohol in the wipes (unlike in baby wipes or other wet wipes), they won't sting the delicate skin around baby's nose, even if it's irritated.

These wipes are not very thick.

They're like a regular tissue in thickness, and easy to fold or scrunch them into whatever shape you require to wipe tiny noses. They're wet enough to work but not drippy. One mom who tried them out said "the scent isn't unpleasant, but it is pretty strong." I think the grape scent is kind of gross, but every kid I've asked loves it. I'm  willing to put up with it if it means I don't have to chase a child to wipe their nose!

Boogie Wipes don't absorb anything. If you're just removing dried up messes or wiping stuffy noses, that's OK. If your child has a major runny nose, you may need regular tissues, as well. Boogie Wipes are definitely less irritating than regular tissues, though, so it's worth switching them in when you can.

Boogie Wipes are pretty inexpensive, and they could be used to wipe almost any mess in a pinch. A mom who tried them noted "they don't seem to dry up if you leave one out for a while before using it, which is odd, but it works."

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