Book Review: Blue and White Gift Wrapping Papers

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    Book Review: Blue and White Gift Wrapping Papers

    Blue and white gift wrapping papers book cover
    Tuttle Publishing

    Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
    Format: Paperback
    Date Published:04/26/2016
    Illustrations:12 tear-out sheets of 18x24 inch wrapping paper
    Number of Pages:28
    Trim Size:9 1/2 X 12

    Book Review: Blue and White Gift Wrapping Papers


    Are you the type of person that takes extra time and effort to make sure a gift you are wrapping looks beautiful? This little gem of a book might just be what you are looking for! Tuttle Publishing offers a publication that features 12 sheets of...MORE beautiful blue and white, 18 x 24-inch gift papers printed with traditional Asian textile designs.Asian style papers can add a beautiful and distinctive look to your wrapping projects. This gift wrap will also add elegance to your papercraft cards, gifts, home decor and scrapbooking projects.

    The gift wrap papers offered in the book echo the indigo print techniques which have been quite trendy the last couple of years.Indigo dyed fabrics (blue and white in pattern) have had quite a resurgence in popularity and crafters have been using the indigo print technique on clothing and fabrics. The Japanese art of Shibori has been particularly favored by people and has been seen not only in clothing but also in home decor as well.

    These Asian inspired gift wrapping papers are an example of good design.The indigo patterns have used for crafting projects for centuries and still look beautiful today. Great design will always stand the test of time!


    Format of  the book

    The introduction of the book discusses the origins of blue and white textiles. The introduction has an interesting lesson featuring the history of textile dyeing and dye production. These textiles were quite prevalent in the histories and cultures of India, China, and Japan. The introduction features several lovely photographs of the manufacture of Indigo and the textile dying process. Indigo is a plant-based dye, which produces a beautiful blue color and has been in existence for the past thousand years.

    The next section offers suggestions for gift wrapping techniques and crafting ideas to make with this paper.Examples of home decor, paper jewelry, and a cute desktop storage system are provided to promote inspiration and creativity.

    The third section is the gift wrapping papers. Each sheet is perforated to ensure easy removal from the book. After separating the sheet from the book just unfold the paper and lie flat.


    This book is certainly beautiful and an inexpensive way to purchase some outstanding, beautiful wrapping papers. At the time that this article was written, the book was selling for $8.82 on There was no shipping fee if you were an amazon prime member. That makes the cost of a sheet 73 cents per piece. That is a price you cannot beat!

    These papers are thicker that most standard gift wraps too. The only objection found with these papers are that you do have folds, but they are easy enough to work around when using them for craft projects.

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    Blue and White Fish Paper Gift Wrapped Box

    blue and white gift wrapped package
    Rita Shehan

    It is the article author's opinion that when reviewing a craft publication it is always a good idea to try out one or two of the crafts presented in the book. This book recommends several projects for using the wrapping papers and provides photos as examples. The blue and white paper bead bracelet craft was especially cute!
    The wrapping techniques in the above photo were presented as a suggestion in the book on the project suggestions page.  This beautiful gift wrapping style is so easy to...MORE produce and yet looks elegant and beautiful. All you have to do is wrap your package with the blue and white fish paper, add a wide white ribbon or white paper strip around the center of the box, and top with silver cording. Glue some cut paper fish onto a sheet of cardstock and then cut the paper fish out.Punch a hole on the paper fish to insert the silver cording. Tie the paper fish as charms to the silver cording.

    That is it! We think this gift looks great and believe anyone would be thrilled to receive it!