10 Book Decor Ideas for Any Bibliophile

books on buffet table

Mary Patton Design

Books make for excellent decor and will never go out of style, even as we move further into a digital era. If your home is filled with novels, coffee table books, cookbooks, and everything in between, you may be wondering how to best display all of these texts from room to room in a way that doesn't look cluttered or repetitive. The good news is that it turns out that books can shine in almost any room of the home, and there are so many different ways to display them. Whether your dining room buffet could use some extra flair or you're looking for a way to jazz up your TV stand, you'll easily be able to make your home look more complete through the power of books.

Below, we're sharing 10 of our favorite book decor ideas for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more, all of which will have you wanting to get styling immediately.

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    Display Books on a Dresser

    books on dresser

    Erin Williamson Design

    The dresser top isn't just for jewelry and picture frames. Take advantage of its expansive top and display some of your favorite reads, too. These brown leather-bound books complement the wooden tones of this piece perfectly. Finish things off by placing a small trinket on top of your stack—as is done here—or even incorporating some cute bookends.

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    Showcase Books on the Coffee Table

    coffee table books

    Mary Patton Design

    Many people display books on their living room coffee tables. For one, colorful book covers will automatically add vibrance to the room. Secondly, guests who stop by will enjoy flipping through these reads or looking at the spines to learn more about your interests. So whether you're drawn to fashion, sports, gardening, or something else entirely, go ahead and embrace the true you. Keep in mind that coffee table books are pricier than novels but are pieces that truly add to your home's story and can showcase your personality.


    Still building your book collection? While buying books new can often cost a pretty penny, many design enthusiasts purchase their books secondhand by perusing thrift stores, yard sales, discount websites, library sales, and more. These methods will help you save major cash while decorating your space.

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    Jazz Up a Buffet With Books

    books on buffet table

    Mary Patton Design

    Books in the dining room? Why not! Add intrigue to your dining room buffet by placing a few books on top. Select titles with book jackets that correspond in color to your piece, as exemplified here. A stack of books always looks more interesting and intentional than just one book sitting solo. However, if you crave a more minimalist look, two or three books piled on top of one another is all you really need.

    You will also want to focus on selecting books that best match your home style. For example, if your aesthetic leans contemporary—like the space above—you'll want to opt for newer looking, colorful books. Minimalists may wish to display simple, black and white covers, while vintage enthusiasts may want to shop for texts that have a storied, antique look to them.

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    Make Clever Use of Your Kitchen Island

    books on island

    Studio Peake

    Often, we see cookbooks being housed on kitchen island shelves, but why not use this space to display any type of favorite read? This assortment of books adds character and instant visual interest to the kitchen.

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    Set Out Books in Your Child's Room or Nursery

    coffee table books in nursery

    Victoria Bell Design

    Even if your little one is years away from reading, you can still jazz up their bedroom dresser with the addition of some coffee table books. These can move into their big kid room one day, too. If you've designed a nursery with a theme, even better—it will be even easier to select books that fall within a designated category. Otherwise, pick up on the main colors used throughout the room and set out books featuring these hues.

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    Fill Horizontal Shelves With Books

    colorful books on built-ins

    Victoria Bell Design

    Not sure what to do with those horizontal shelves in your living room or den? Fill them with books. Books add instant color, texture, and charm to any space within the home. Here, they essentially double as art. Supplement empty space with trinkets that speak to you—here, coastal themed accents add variation to this setup.


    If you're secondhand shopping and find that a book jacket has seen better days, consider removing it. Doing so may reveal a beautiful cover underneath that will complement your decor scheme just as well.

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    Add Books to Your Media Stand

    books and vases on tv stand

    Victoria Bell Design

    Your media stand doesn't have to solely be functional; once you've set out your TV and all of the electronic essentials, it's time to have fun with decor. Here, books set out alongside sculptural vases and a pretty lamp result in a stylish vignette. Yes, you can enjoy both form and function at once.

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    Stack Books on a Tall Shelf or Cabinet

    books on top of shelf

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    If you have a storage cabinet in your home that isn't ceiling height, you may be wondering how to style its top. Well, why not try a stack of books to spice things up? Then just add a plant, some framed art, and whatever else strikes your fancy, and you're golden.

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    Place Books on the Bar Cart

    books on entryway table

    Alvin Wayne

    Add some pizzazz to your bar cart or table by setting out a stack of coffee table books once all of your bottles and glassware pieces have a home. If you have books pertaining to hosting and cocktail making, this is a great spot to set them out as well. You'll always feel inspired when it's time to entertain.

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    Don't Forget About Books on the Nightstand

    books on nightstand

    Louis Duncan-He

    Placing books on a nightstand may seem obvious, but doing so is about more than just function. Setting out good old-fashioned texts will remind you that the bedroom is a space for unplugging and unwinding. Put away those electronics and prepare yourself for an amazing night's sleep while you flip through a classic read.