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Help These Challenging Fish to Thrive in Your Aquarium

Perhaps one of the most challenging freshwater aquarium fish to keep is the Discus. Anyone who is serious about keeping Discus would be wise to do some homework first. This reference list of various Discus books is intended to help you choose the books that will be the most helpful to you. I've listed the books in order of publication, with the most recently published books first. As with many aquarium and fish books, some of the older volumes are still among the best reference books.

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    Covers all the basics of Discus care and breeding in an easy to understand format. Complete with many stunning photos. One of the best Discus books published in the past decade. The price is well worth the investment.

    Publish Date: 2007
    Author(s): Dick Au, Sun See Seng, Francesco Denitto and Ad Konings
    Publisher: Cichlid Press; 1 edition
    Hardcover: 128 pages

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    Like many fish books, this one covers aquarium setup in addition to fish information. For Discus it is quite important, as their needs are quite specific.  Includes the proper habitat for Discus, filtration and water parameter needs, breeding how-to, and disease diagnosis and treatment. Although there are not a lot of Discus photos, for the price it has a lot of good information.

    Publish Date: 2005
    Author(s): Thomas Giovanetti and Oliver Lucanus
    Publisher: Barron's Educational Series
    Paperback:...MORE 96 pages

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    Aqualog Extra: Discus, The Champions

    Aqualog Extra: Discus
    Aqualog Extra: Discus. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    For the serious hobbyist, the Aqualog series are often part of their library. South American Cichlids IV, published in 1998, covered every discus and angelfish variant to date. This volume covers all the new crossbreeds from the previous volume up tp 2004. Discus lovers will enjoy the one hundred plus high-quality photos, as well as the most recent information about new Discus variants. If you keep any of the Aqualog series, this one is a good addition to your collection. You may also wish to...MORE order Aqualog Majestic Discus (published in 1999).

    Publish Date: 2004
    Author(s): Frank Schaefer
    Publisher: Hollywood Import & Export, Inc.
    Paperback: 48 pages

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    At a mere 79 pages, this is more of an overview of the Discus than a comprehensive guide. It is intended to educate the reader about the history of the fish as well as provide basics of care. The author, Bernd Degen, is one of the most well-respected experts on Discus. Virtually anything he writes is worth reading.

    Publish Date: 2001
    Author(s): Bernd Degen
    Publisher: Interpet Publishing
    Hardcover: 79 pages

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    Written by the renown expert on Discus, Jack Wattley, this book covers Discus care as well as breeding. It also includes many stunning photos. I found the price to be too high for the casual fish owner to consider. Success with Discus is considerably less expensive ​and offers similar information.

    Publish Date: 2000
    Author(s): Jack Wattley
    Publisher: TFH Publications
    Hardcover: 64 pages

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    The Proper Care of Discus includes all the important basics to successfully set up a Discus aquarium, as well as feed and breed them. While it touches on all topics, information on disease diagnosis and treatment is on the scant side. For the price, I would like to have seen disease diagnosis and treatment covered more thoroughly. Never the less, it is still a good reference book for those who are serious about keeping Discus.

    Publish Date: 1993
    Author(s): Jack Wattley
    Publisher: TFH Publications
    Har...MOREdcover: 256 pages

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    Discus Health

    Discus Health
    Discus Health. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    This is an excellent reference for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Discus as well as other cichlids. If you have Discus or other South American Cichlids, this book is a must have.

    Publish Date: 1992
    Author(s): Dieter Untergasser
    Publisher: TFH Publications
    Hardcover: 416 pages

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    An interesting book authored by Discus expert, Jack Wattley. He includes views from over a dozen experts. Also included are a wealth of stunning Discus photos. Be sure to search for a used copy, as they are quite a bit less than buying a new one.

    Publish Date: 1992
    Author(s): Jack Wattley
    Publisher: TFH Publications Inc; 1st ed edition
    Hardcover: 125 pages

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    Discus: A Reference Book

    Discus: A Reference Book
    Discus: A Reference Book. Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Written by experienced discus breeder, Bernd Degen, this book does a great job of covering all the basics to keep and care for Dicus. It also delves into breeding, with enough info for beginners to try their hand at it. ​The price tag is very reasonable.

    Publish Date: 1991
    Author(s): Bernd Degen
    Publisher: TFH Publications; 2nd edition
    Hardcover: 127 pages