Top 6 Books to Help Children and Kids Cope with Moving

For Kids 0- 8 Years Old

When families decide to move, parents are usually distracted by the numerous checklists and things to do, that children are sometimes left to cope on their own. Maybe your child seems to be coping just fine, but how can you be sure when they shrug and say they're okay? What if your child isn't old enough to verbalize what he or she is feeling?

Books provide a great starting point for discussion, allowing you to ask questions, answer their questions and have fun, too.

And remember that the same anxiety you might be experiencing as the move approaches, your child will also be feeling. It helps your child to know that someone else, such as Brother Bear, feels exactly like they do. So check out these books to help your child cope with saying goodbye to friends, their house and neighborhood.

  • A Tiger Named Thomas: Thomas realizes being the new kid on the block isn't too lonely after a special night of trick-or-treating.