Are Books in the Bedroom Bad Feng Shui?

Books on nightstand in bedroom
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If you have many books in your bedroom, you might wonder where you can put them without ruining good feng shui. Can you put them on a shelf or should they be kept in a closed place?

First, you need to know what bad feng shui is. In simple terms, bad feng shui is a quality of energy that creates negative vibrations, feelings, and emotions. It can be created by a variety of both visible and invisible factors—from a very cluttered bedroom to an unskillfully designed floor plan. Living in a space with bad feng shui energy will inevitably make one feel irritable, unhappy, or even depressed. So, this, in a nutshell, is what bad feng shui energy is.

Now, knowing the essence of bad feng shui, would you consider many books in the bedroom to be bad feng shui? No, most certainly not! However, between bad feng shui and really good feng shui there are many gradations; consider them "not-so-good" feng shui.

The Room's Purpose

When trying to define if any item is good or bad feng shui for any given space—be it your bedroom or your office—first establish the main use of that space. This might sound silly, but if you look into it, you might be surprised how many different uses can be intended for the same space.

Speaking of the bedroom, it is unquestionable that a good feng shui bedroom has sleep, sexual healing, and relaxation as the main energies to be cultivated and nourished there.

A bedroom is not intended for office work, for storing exercise equipment, or for a big TV. This is all pretty clear and easy to understand.

Questions to Ask Yourself

When it comes to books, though, how do you know what quality of feng shui energy they create in your bedroom? Look at several factors to make that determination.

Do you love all the books in your small bedroom library? Are these books about love, relaxation, healing, sexuality—all proper energies for the bedroom? Or is it a general library with a collection of various books—from how to get out of debt to fat-losing diets?

Feng shui-wise, it is important to note the energy messages you receive from the books in your bedroom. Are the titles that you look at before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning sending you good feng shui energy?

Are you waking up with words such as "Love Your Life" or is it "Don't Die Broke"? Books in the bedroom are not bad feng shui, as long as you do not have too many of them overflowing the space. Remember, the main purpose of a good feng shui bedroom is to sleep and make love, thus too many books simply bring the energy that does not encourage the two main activities for the bedroom.

The other feng shui concern with books in the bedroom is the possibly sharp energy—Sha Chi—pointing at you when you sleep. Such energy can be created by hardcover books arranged in a way that sends the so-called poison arrows at you. This is why, for good feng shui, it is generally recommended to have a library of books in closed bookshelves. Or simply to be mindful of their arrangement.
As everything around you carries a certain quality of feng shui energy, every item in your bedroom subconsciously influences you when you are most vulnerable—during sleep. So with books, as well as with every other item you bring into your bedroom, there is a potential for either good or bad feng shui energy.

It is up to you to decide—and create—the quality of energy you want to have close to you.

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