BOOMco Colossal Blitz Review

If You're Big Enough to Hold It, This Could Be the Best Blaster You'll Ever Use

BOOMco Colossal Blitz
BOOMco Colossal Blitz.

Yep, we said. After just over a year on the market, the BOOMco brand of plastic-bodied dart shooters from Mattel can arguably lay claim to having built the very best toy blaster ever produced. In just about every metric we considered, the large, over-the-top BOOMco Colossal Blitz meets or exceeds its rivals. So, if you're looking for the best Nerf blaster ever made... well, this isn't the best Nerf blaster ever made. But it's the best BOOMco blaster ever made, and in our opinion, it's also the best overall toy blaster ever made. Let us count the ways. 

First, the BOOMco Colossal Blitz is simply imposing. Yes, it bears some striking similarities to likewise dual-drum-equipped Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire released nearly a year prior, but the BOOMco looks as though it's packing more firepower into its compact size. And unlike the tripod-equipped Rhino-Fire, the Colossal Blitz gives the impression of being significantly more agile, which ups the intimidation factor considerably. A gaping barrel hints at the fury that could be released at any moment. And with this being a battery-powered, flywheel-based model, one can't forget the hum of the motors--in this case, slow-revving, torquey-sounding motors that growl like the mechanical equivalent of a groaning monster slowly being woken from its slumber. In short, the Colossal Blitz looks wicked and sounds wicked. But wait until you find out how it performs. 

The BOOMco Colossal Blitz is touted as the highest capacity BOOMco blaster ever, and with 72 darts on-tap when fully loaded, this is certainly true. In fact, if it weren't for the somewhat ergonomically challenged Nerf Elite Hail-Fire blaster with its 144 dart potential, the BOOMco Colossal Blitz would have been the highest capacity blaster ever released (it should be noted the Hail-Fire only came packaged with 4 clips, so the out-of-the-box capacity was actually just 24 darts). But it's not simply the dart capacity that's impressive--it's what the Colossal Blitz does with this capacity that will get your attention: all 72 darts can be fired in just 12.3 seconds. That equates to a very impressive rate-of-fire of 5.85 darts-per-second! For reference, the fastest shooting stock Nerf blaster we've tested to-date was the Nerf Cam ECS-12 at 4.5 darts-per-second, followed by the Demolisher 2-in-1 at 4 darts-per-second (the full-auto Rapidstrike was a more modest 3.7 darts-per-second without the typical aftermarket modifications).

Ironically, the only dart shooter we've ever tested that could shoot faster than the Colossal Blitz was another BOOMco product, the Rapid Madness. That former flagship model could belt out 10 darts per second, but with a limited clip capacity and lots of manual air bladder pumping between shots, the fun was over very quickly. 

And that bring us to the next feather in the cap of the Blitz--at the flick of a switch, this BOOMco bad-boy can go from full-auto to single-fire mode and back again. Brilliant! Flip the switch based on how you intend to play and you're good-to-go. If you need to make your rounds last, go single-shot. If you want to clear the playing field, kick it into full-auto and hammer away. With the full, 72 dart capacity at-hand, the fun doesn't end nearly as quickly as it does with most models. However, it should be noted that shots are fired alternately from each drum, so you can't simply drop an empty drum and replace it with a fresh one while still retaining a full drum on the other side. Both drums will essentially maintain an identical capacity the entire time until they are both empty. 

At this point, the Colossal Blitz is sounding pretty good, but it's widely known that BOOMco products generally don't deliver the same dart velocities (and ranges) as contemporary Nerf products--in fact, BOOMco blasters average about 10 feet-per-second below the curve, in most cases. But not with the Colossal Blitz! We recorded an average of 67 feet-per-second (70 max) in single-shot mode and 65 feet-per-second (70 max) in rapid-fire bursts. Those figures are right on par with most Elite-series Nerf blasters, sans the newest Nerf RIVAL line of blasters geared toward older audiences. But here's the critical difference--where most Nerf blasters can belt out darts at a decent speed, those darts (or HIRs, in the case of RIVAL) are incredibly inconsistent over distance. Not so with BOOMco Smart Stick darts, which have much better flight characteristics than anything foam-based. In short, the Colossal Blitz will shoot just about as far as any non-modified Nerf blaster on the market but will do so with much greater accuracy.


All sounding a bit too good to be true? It gets better. Unlike most Nerf blasters, the BOOMco Colossal Blitz didn't jam a single time during our entire battery of tests. This is almost unheard of among toy blasters, but BOOMco has a well-deserved reputation for being jam-free, and the Colossal Blitz is no different. You get massive capacity, blinding speed, impressive distance, spot-on accuracy, and jam-free operation. Oh, and you can sometimes find it on sale for about $60 (Black Friday), which undercuts the Nerf Rhino-Fire by nearly $30. 

So is there any reason why the Colossal Blitz wouldn't be the definitive, no-questions-asked best blaster of all time? Well, it's big and heavy, which can be tiresome (if not downright unwieldy for younger users), and though the BOOMco designers were thoughtful enough to include mounting points for a bandoleer or strap, said strap is not included (another bummer for younger players). There's also the matter of noise and battery costs associated with heavy-duty flywheel operation--not to mention the fact that it's a whopping $90 toy if you can't find it on sale (currently a Target exclusive, which limits competition). And if we're picking nits, we'd also note the thin handle and hard-edged trigger can make the Blitz somewhat less than pleasant feeling for extended use. There's also the matter of the Colossal Blitz actually coming in second in many objective categories (second-highest capacity blaster, second-highest rate-of-fire, etc.), even though no blaster we've tested has ranked so highly in so many categories at once.

And finally, some users have rightfully noted that those massive, dual dart drums are actually a bit of a pain to mount and remove, making in-game swaps a no-go--but thankfully (and unlike the Rhino-Fire), it's possible to load darts into the drums on-the-fly, which makes them marginally less impractical. 

But most of all, the BOOMco Colossal Blitz is missing the one key element that its designers could never overcome, the one single thing that will prevent many blaster fans from even giving it a second look... Despite all its many achievements, the Colossal Blitz is lacking the "Nerf" name in front of it, and all of the established ammo types, game rules, modification options, and worldwide name recognition that goes with it. For with every hurdle the Blitz might overcome on its way to being one of--if not THE--best dart blasters ever made, the BOOMco name still doesn't resonate with many buyers. And that's a shame because the BOOMco Colossal Blitz proves without question Mattel can make a supremely capable dart blaster. Perhaps even the best blaster in the world. 


  • Impressive rate-of-fire and dart velocities (the latter being especially impressive for a BOOMco product)
  • As with nearly all BOOMco products, shot accuracy isn't compromised by distance
  • Truly colossal dart capacity (2nd largest in any blaster product--ever)
  • Looks and sounds intimidating!


  • Can be expensive, if not purchased at the right time (and currently a Target exclusive)
  • Dart drums can be loaded on-the-fly, but are difficult to mount and remove
  • A few ergonomic points are less than ideal (narrow handle, no included sling, heavy)