Boost Your Energy With Feng Shui

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Dougal Waters/Getty Images

There must be a good reason why we are called Human Beings and not Human Doings, have you thought about it? Finding ways to just be, as well as being conscious of the ways you spend your energy, is the way of the wise ones.

Ancient feng shui masters said that each one of us is born with a certain amount of available energy to be used throughout your life - how do you use yours? If you were to pay constant attention to where your energy goes throughout the day - what would the results be?

Start the Day With High Energy

To begin with, very few of us start the day with the energy levels at 100% - just because, unfortunately, very few have an intelligent bedroom that lets the body completely relax and do its repair job at night.

In addition to the physical depletion, a big percentage of emotional energy is either trapped in the past or stuck worrying about the future. In other words, it is just not available to you. So, on any given day you might start the day with as little as 45-50% of potentially available energy. Then the day most probably continues with events/people/places zapping energy from you, rather than adding to it/nourishing you.

You go to the bathroom first thing in the morning and think "God, I can't stand the look of it!" and zap, 5-7% of your energy is gone/your energy level drops. Leave your home through the garage door, after juggling your way through mountains of clutter, and another 10-15% are gone.

How much energy do you have left for the day before you even leave your home? How long can you function on the 30-35% available to you before you start depleting energy from various organs and manifesting illness in your body?

Strengthen Your Energy Levels

There are many ways to help you strengthen your energy levels. First, apply feng shui in your home. Second, feng shui your workspace.

And third, come back to your home, and really, really feng shui your bedroom.

Being aware of the numerous ways you lose your energy throughout the day can help you invest your energy where it really matters - into creating a happy family, building a successful business, exploring the world, etc. 

Start by paying more attention to your immediate environment, and then watch the quality of your life and your health improve in unexpected ways.