The 5 Boot Storage Solutions

Where to Store Every Boot You Own

I have two pairs of boots I wear almost daily during the cold winter months in Connecticut: a pair of Hunter boots in the rain and snow, and a pair of Frye boots every (sunny) day. I tried on hundreds of boots over several years before I came up with this combination that fits my lifestyle perfectly, and both pairs cost me a pretty penny (several of them, actually) so I took a great interest in researching the best way to store boots, and what I found, like shoe storage, is that boot storage is...MORE based on the type of boot, and when you wear them. Here are my picks for the best boot storage solutions:

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    Boot storage solutions
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    The problem with most boots is that they tend to tip over and end up on their sides, even after you've taken the time to neatly line them upright.

    Boot Shapers and Stands:

    Line your boots up as you do your shoes in the closet, but use boot shapers that clip together to keep them upright. Another option is The Container Store's boot stand.

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    Boot Rack by Rack Em
    Boot Rack by Rack Em. Photo by Rack Em

    You don't want to track rain and mud into your home, so you leave them by the door.

    Boot Hooks:

    For dirty, messy boots you want to store outside or in the mudroom, I love this Rack'em boot rack. I would put my rain boots on this, and you can also store Uggs the same way.

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    Ballard Boot Tray
    Ballard Boot Tray. Photo / Ballard Designs

    You're walking in the door and take your boots off in the foyer.

    Boot Trays:

     Boot trays can be used in the mudroom, in the entry way or foyer and on the inside of your hall closet. This way, instead of becoming a pie on the floor, your shoes and boots and co-exist peacefully on a nice tray. 

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    Boot Shapers and Boot Hangers
    Boot Shapers and Boot Hangers. Photo / The Container Store

    You have a large closet and when you're getting dressed, you like to be able to see your boot collection to mix and match with your outfit.

    Boot Storage Solutions:

    For those people with a large closet and lots of hanging space, boot hooks are a great storage option. You can hang your boots on a closet rod just as you would clothes. I recommend hanging boots on the bottom of a double-hang, closer to the floor.

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    Storing Boots On-the-Go While Traveling

    Storing boots while traveling
    Storing boots while traveling. Amazon

    Storing your boots for travel is tough, especially if you are flying. They take up a lot of space, some types of boots tend to get dirty (hiking, ski boots, etc) and some boots are very valuable. 


    If you are flying and checking your boots, a ski boot bag is essential. Even if you're not using the boot bag to store ski boots. These are perfect for hiking boots, Hunter boots or snow boots.

    If you're traveling with expensive/delicate boots, a quilted boot bag that is small enough to...MORE store in a suitcase is a great idea. But, do you really need to bring these boots with you? it may be easier to leave them at home and opt for something more casual.

    For short boots, you can use a boot box.

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    Womens Mid Calf Boot Boxes
    Womens Mid Calf Boot Boxes. Photo / Stacks & Stacks

    Boots can take up quite a bit of space in a closet, so they need to be moved into a storage during the warmer months. And, some are so expensive you want to keep them away from tiny fingers or paws.

    Storage Options:

    Boot boxes are the best way to store out-of-season boots. For most people that means storing winter boots during the summer and the boxes' space-saving design means they will fit well into any storage area. Make sure to measure your boots before purchasing a boot box

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    Out of Season Boot Storage

    Classic Boot Box
    Classic Boot Box. Photo / The Container Store

     What about when it's not boot season? Like in summer? If your closet is large enough, you can simply move you boots either to the back or higher up in your storage space (like a top shelf). 


    And for off-season, boot boxes are the best way to store any kind of boot.