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  • Free Printable Frames For Quick Handmade Cards

    Make Quick Cards With Our Printable Frames. Kate Pullen

    Following our theme of providing you with products which are both flexible and convenient, we're pleased to offer you these free printable frame cards which will help you make quick and easy handmade cards for Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions.

    Free Printable Frame Cards

    These cards provide you with a frame which you can color and fill with an image such as a rubber stamp, digital stamp, photograph or short sentiment. You can go to town with the coloring and decorations or keep it...MORE simple for a quick finish! The frames are made up from stacks of hearts so you could color all the hearts or just color a few to use as features.

    The card in the image above has been made using a printable template and simply adding a rubber stamped image to the center. This is the ideal way to create a quick Valentine's Day card without losing the personal handmade touch!


    Download the cards below by clicking on the link and then saving or printing the card as desire.

    Tips for Using Free Printable Heart Frame Cards

    Here are some tips for making the most of these free printable heart frame cards:

    • Print onto as good a quality cardstock or thick card that you printer will accept. A good quality cardstock will make your handmade card look professional and well made.
    • Add a rubber stamped image, as in the picture above, or a few words, photo or sentiment to finish the card.
    • Use pencils or marker pens to color the hearts. Thick marker pens are ideal for when time is short as they will allow you to color the cards quickly.
    • Add some additional interest to your cards with additional elements such as stick on jewels, stickers, glitter glue and other embellishments. However, if you are sending the card through the postal system, remember you may need to protect the card against damage if there are lots of embellishments and additional elements added.
    • Make the card personal with a short verse or few words which are special for you and your loved one. Perhaps a few lyrics from your special song or a short poem.

    More Ideas for Valentine's Day Rubber Stamping Projects

    We have lots more ideas for things to make for Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions. Check out some of the links above for more Valentine's Day projects.

    Valentine's Day Printables

    Here are some more free printables and downloads for handmade gifts and cards to celebrate Valentine's Day and romantic occasions:

    We hope you enjoy these free printable frame cards. Remember to pin the image above and share it on social media to help us spread the word about our freebies. Bookmark this page and check back to see what we have that's new for you!