Botanical Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Room with green and botanical accents

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Botany is the study of all things plant-related, from flowers to leaves to branches to tree trunks. So a botanically inspired bedroom is one in which plants – in any form – play a large part in the decorating scheme. Fresh, vibrant, growing and alive, plants have a naturally soothing quality that makes them highly suited to a starring role in the bedroom. So whether you choose the real thing or prefer décor with botanical motifs, it’s time to harness the power of the plant in your interior decorating. To help inspire you, here are nine bedrooms that perfectly rock the botanical theme.

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    Pressed Leaf Artwork

    Pressed leaves gallery wall
    Lemonade Pockets

    Looking for a way to not only decorate your bedroom, but also to preserve that perfect fall leaf you found on a walk, the most gorgeous flowers from your spring garden, or even a treasured bouquet given to you by a significant other? Then give the old-fashioned hobby of pressing leaves or flowers a try, and create a botanical gallery wall, as in this room from blog Lemonade Pockets.

    1. To start, gather up your flowers or leaves, choosing specimens that are fairly flat to begin with, and without tears or imperfections. They should be completely dry, as well.
    2. Lay out a layer of newspaper or tissue paper, and then arrange your leaves or flowers across the paper, leaving space in between them. If drying a bouquet, you’ll need to separate the flowers into a single layer. Cover the botanicals with another few sheets of paper.
    3. Set a heavy stack of books on top of your botanicals, and leave them to dry for a few days.
    4. Spray the leaves or flowers with a clear acrylic sealer, easily found at any crafts shop. This will keep the botanicals from fading or crumbling over time.
    5. Arrange your specimens on off-white scrapbooking paper, using adhesive spray to hold them in place.
    6. Frame the arrangement with a glass-front picture frame. Hang and enjoy!
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    Plant as Headboard

    Bedroom with houseplants
    The Marion House Book

    Who said you had to use a traditional headboard at the top of your bed? Instead, why not give a large potted plant the position of honor, as in this room from Emma Reddington of The Marion House Book? Look for a large plant with a naturally spreading growth pattern and big leaves–like the fiddle leaf fig shown here–or a palm, Swiss cheese plant, or umbrella plant. Be sure it’s easy to reach the plant for watering, however, so your living headboard continues to thrive. So fresh and pretty.

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    Botanical Accent Wall

    Botanical accent wall

    Accent walls have become a fairly standard way to add a punch of “Wow!” to a room, so if you are looking to go botanical, consider a plant-inspired accent wall at the head of your bed. The easiest way to achieve the look is with a bold wallpaper, like the glorious riot of “framed” birds, butterflies and leaves from Sanderson shown here (yes, that’s wallpaper, not a gallery wall.) You’ll find nearly endless choices, so whether you want flowers, leaves, trees, or an entire woodland scene, you can have it. What a great way to add life to your bedroom.

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    Botanical Bedding

    Floral quilt in bedroom
    Martha's Vineyard Interior Design

    Maybe you can’t sleep underneath a bed of flowers, but you can certainly sleep under floral bedding. Since your choice of comforter or duvet cover sets the pace for your entire bedroom, if you crave the botanical look, that’s where to start. A gorgeous floral duvet cover; comforter patterned in a design of leaves, branches or ferns; or a quilt with a tree pattern are all good options. If you prefer to keep your bed topper a simple solid, then use botanical motif throw pillows and sheets to highlight the look. This lovely bedroom is from Martha's Vineyard Interior Design.

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    Bedroom with houseplants
    Johner Images / Getty Images

    The fastest and easiest way to add a touch of botanical décor to your room is with houseplants. Not only do these works of green art add a fresh vibe to your space that manmade items can’t match​ they also act as living air purifiers, working to remove chemicals and impurities from the air around them. Don’t think your thumb isn’t green enough to keep plants alive; there are many houseplants easy enough even for a beginner, including favorites like Chinese evergreen, pothos, snake plant, and dieffenbachia. If your thumb is a little greener, try some more challenging plants with ​colorful foliage, such as polka dot plant; or a flowering houseplant like the African violet.

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    Tree Stump Bedside Table

    Tree stump bedside table
    Paul Viant / Getty Images

    If you’ve recently cut down a tree on your property, don’t consign all of the wood to the fireplace. Instead, select a thick section of tree trunk, and turn it into a rustic accent table like the one shown here. There’s not much to it, but it’s a time-consuming project, so don’t expect to be enjoying your side table the very same evening.

    1. Before you start working on the stump, it has to dry out in a warm, protected location for at least a month.
    2. Once your stump is completely dry, you’ll need to remove the bark. This is a messy job, so do it outside or on top of a drop cloth. Wedge a chisel or screwdriver between the bark and the inner layer of the stump, and tap the chisel with a hammer until the bark peels away. Continue until you’ve removed as much of the bark as possible. The difficulty of this step depends on the type of tree you’ve chosen and the dryness of the wood.
    3. Now it’s time for sanding. You can use a power sander or do the job by hand, but keep working until the wood is smooth and splinter-free. When it feels smooth to the touch, wipe away all dust and grit.
    4. If you want to stain your stump, now is the time to do it, following the manufacturer’s directions for application and drying time.
    5. Apply two or three coats of polyurethane or a similar sealing product to the entire stump, and let it dry for a day or two.
    6. If you desire, attach casters or legs to the bottom of the stump. You’ll need three or four, depending on the size of the stump. Be sure to space them evenly.
    7. Set the completed stump table next to your bed and admire your handiwork!
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    Botanical Mural

    Beautiful bird and branch wall mural in bedroom
    Kendall Wilkinson Design

    If you’d like to go bold with your botanical flourishes, why not try a wall mural? Whether you cover an entire wall, go small-scale with a mural centered above your bed, or simply add a floral design along the upper wall, it’s a dramatic way to add botanical flair to the room. If you are confident in your artistic abilities, create the design yourself, like the gorgeous hand-painted mural in this bedroom from Kendall Wilkinson Design. If you want to DIY, but it’s been a long time since those high school drawing classes, use stencils. If you prefer to avoid a paintbrush altogether, there are lots of wallpaper or wall decal designs to choose from.

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    Birch Tree Wallpaper

    Glamorous bedroom with birch tree wallpaper
    Chelsea Pineda Interiors

    There’s a reason birch tree wallpaper has become so popular; it’s lovely and soothing, plus it works to add an almost magical touch of the great outdoors to just about any decorating style. Case in point: the gorgeous and sophisticated room from Chelsea Pineda Interiors shown here. If you want to keep the look subdued, go with an equally subdued wallpaper like the one here. If you prefer more of a statement, look for wallpaper with a stronger or more colorful design. Thanks to the popularity of the birch tree, you’ll find hundreds of wallpapers to choose from.

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    Tree-Trunk Four-Poster Bed

    Tree trunk four poster bed

    Here’s another creative use of cut trees or branches; instead of tossing them into the woodpile, use them to create a four-poster (or two-poster if you only set them at the bed’s bottom) style that is so spectacular, you’ll want to bring all your visitors into your bedroom to see it.

    You’ll need to let the wood dry before using it, and then sand away loose bark or rough edges. Spray the entire length of the trunk with acrylic sealer before using strong screws to attach the trunk to your bed and the ceiling (if the trunks are tall enough to reach that high.)