6 Fun Games to Play in a Bounce House

bounce house in a yard

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From backyard bounce houses to indoor bounce park venues, inflatable jumping structures have become popular elements of children’s birthday parties. If you’re throwing a bounce house party, keep them jumping in more ways than one with these bouncing party games.

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    Freeze Bounce

    Boy Playing On Colorful Bouncy Castle
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    Play some fun birthday party music as the kids bounce around the house. When the music stops, the kids must freeze in place and try to remain standing (as the house will still be shaking). Anyone who falls over is out and play continues until the song is over or only one player remains.

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    Switch Place Race

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    Assign a number to each child. Send them to the bounce house and tell them to sit in a circle. Have the birthday child stand in the middle and call out two numbers. The players assigned those numbers must get up and switch places, racing to be seated before the birthday child steals one of the empty spots. Whichever player is left standing gets to call the next two numbers.  

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    Bounce Pair Races

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    To play this game, only four players will be in the bounce house at one time. Pair them with partners and then have them each stand in opposite corners. On the “Go!” signal they must bounce across the structure and switch places with their partners. The first team to reach opposite corners wins. Another four players then do the same. When everyone has had a turn, the winning teams play again until only one team remains.  

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    Bounce Him Over

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    Have the birthday child sit in the middle of the bounce house, in whatever position he feels most secure. The remaining players bounce around until the birthday child tumbles over or changes position. 

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    Balloon Attack

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    Have players line up on opposite sides of the bounce house and assign each side a color. Throw an equal amount of each color of balloons into the bounce house. Kids must toss their balloons to the opposing side without crossing the line while also trying to keep the other color of balloons out of their side. When time is up, count the colored balloons on each side. The team that has the least amount of the opposing team’s color of balloons wins.

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    30 Second Challenge

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    For this game, players have to try to bounce in a certain way for 30 seconds. Kids will bounce inside the house and someone on the outside will call out a command such as “bounce on one foot!” Kids will then try to bounce on one foot for 30 seconds (the person calling out the commands will time them).

    Anyone who falls or stops the command before time is up is out. A new command is called out for the next 30 seconds. Animal imitations are good prompts for this game, such as bounce while flapping your wings or bounce while swinging your elephant’s trunk.