Free Boxers and Men's Underwear Sewing Patterns for the Guys

These free patterns to sew men's boxers will get you started making great gifts for the guys in your life. You'll be amazed just how thrilled a guy who has never had anything made just for him, can be. I once had a young man burst in to tears with a big grin over me making him a bathrobe.

Remember that boxers are not just for the guys!  I know many young ladies who love to sleep in boxers and a tee shirt.

Know about elastic before you buy the wrong type!  Sewing Elastic - Who, What, When,...MORE Where,Why and How to Use Sewing Elastic

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    Classic Boxer Sewing Pattern
    Free Clasic Boxer Sewing Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, LIcensed to

    This free pattern makes a standard pair of boxers with a fly front. There are excellent directions with many graphics to explain the process so anyone can make these boxers.

    The print out of the pattern is for 96 cm hips and would have to be altered for other sizes.

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    How to Make Boxers
    Free Boxer Pattern - How to Make Boxers. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This free pattern is designed for stretch fabric so light weight knits and fleece boxers would be great made from this pattern. This one does not feature a fly front so the girls would really like this one! Directions for "girl-ing" these boxers are also shown.

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    Child's Boxer Free Pattern
    Free Pattern for Child's Boxers. Debbie Colgrove, LIcensed to

    These adorable boys boxers for boys five to six years old, look so comfy! The free directions are photo enhanced so anyone should be able to follow along if they take their time.

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    Briefs for Baby
    Free Brief for Baby Sewing Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licesned to

    These soft briefs for little boys would make a great potty training reward. Using soft stretch cotton fabric with a novelty print would make them extra special!

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    How to Make Simple Bikini

    Simple Bikini Underwear Pattern
    Simple Bikini Underwear Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Judging by the design of the front pattern piece, which seems to have a pouch style area in these simple bikini underwear pattern, the guys that prefer bikini style underwear should love these! The enclosed elastic should be very comfortable.

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    Cloning knitwear I: Copying a pair of ready-to-wear
    Cloning knitwear I: Copying a pair of ready-to-wear. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    When they have their favorites and you simply can't seem to replace them, the best solution is to follow these instructions to un-sew their favorite pair and make a new favorite pair... and many more that are bound to become the new all time favorites.

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    Sewing Underear
    sewing underwear: the (free) pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    What household doesn't have a surplus of tee shirts. Imagine all those extra tee shirts being made into usable underwear. These free instructions and pattern will have you doing just that.

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    Bikini with seamless front
    Bikini with seamless front. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Seams can be uncomfortable when they land in the wrong location. This free pattern to sew men's bikini underwear features no seams in the front piece so no seams to be uncomfortable!  These instructions have many photos to guide you through the process of making your own men's bikinis.

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    Sewing Pattern: Unisex Boxer Shorts
    Sewing Pattern: Unisex Boxer Shorts. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This printable pattern is sizes XS to XL. The pockets could easily be removed for more of an underwear type garment but the pockets make this boxer pattern a perfect one to use for making sleepwear style boxers or elastic waited shorts style boxers.

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    Men"s Boxer Pattern - Free PDF A4 size Printable. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    This free pattern is a PDF print out so the printing should be very accurate for sizing purposes. I did not find instructions to go with this pattern but if you are experienced in sewing, you may be able to put the pieces together to create a great button closed fly front boxers for the guys or the gals.