9 Brilliant Bra Storage Ideas

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It seems unfair that bras are one of life's necessities for so many people and yet it can be so difficult to find a good way to store them. Bras are notorious for getting bent out of shape or stuck behind a too-full drawer. Fortunately, these underwear and bra storage ideas will help you store your undergarments in a tidy, easy-to-find way that preserves their shape so they'll last for a long time. Whether you opt for labeled bins, designated drawer organizers, or you fold bralettes and sports bras , these clever bra storage ideas will help maximize space and keep your bras in tip-top condition.

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    Organize Bras by Size

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    If your bra size fluctuates, use bins to organize your bras by size. This way, you don't have to dig through your drawer to find the one you're looking for. When storing bras, tuck the cups together to help preserve the shape.

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    Fold Bras and Underwear

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    Save space and your sanity by folding sports bras and underwear with the fold-up. This way you can see everything you have. To achieve this easy fold, lay the garment flat, then fold it once in half horizontally. From there, take your underwear or sports bra (this works well for athletic clothes too) and fold it in thirds, or halves if that works better.

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    Use Wired Bins for Organizing

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    Wired bins in ascending sizes add so much storage to a small closet. Use the smaller bins toward the top for organizing bras, underwear, and socks. Roomier wire drawers are great for bags or hat storage.

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    Create Separation

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    Small fabric bins tucked inside a drawer are an inexpensive, easy way to organize bras and other undergarments. You can find drawer organizers at most home or craft stores, and it's always a good idea to buy varying sizes to accommodate both bigger and smaller items. It always makes sense to clasp your bras before putting them away; it may seem like an extra step but it helps to ensure that they don't snag on anything (especially lace fabrics).

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    Store in Clear Bins

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    Clear bins that pull out in a closet are your friend when it comes to finding things quickly when you're getting ready. To maximize storage space and keep your bras in the best condition, lay them flat and nestled together. If hanging space allows, you may prefer to hang all your bras, or any that are particularly special, on hangers, which assures they won't get crushed.

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    Utilize Built-in Closet Drawers

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    A built-in unit in the closet is an amazing luxury, especially when it comes to storing undergarments, belts, scarves, and other accessories. Keep everything tucked out of sight but still easily within reach. To make the most of the space, consider drawer inserts.

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    Make Room for Fabric Bins

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    You can't go wrong with a labeled bin, especially one whose label you can easily swap out if the contents change. Fold athletic underwear and bras, so you always know where to find the sports bra that matches your athleisure. Bins work well for all sorts of bras too—bras with wires, bralettes, and so on. Fold them in half and nestle the cups together to maximize space and maintain their shapes.

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    Implement a Color-Coded System

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    If you can never find a nude bra when you need it, consider color-coding your bras. Here, the tidy system is done with workout tanks, but sports bras work well too. If your bras have underwire, it still makes sense to sort by color and style, they just may take up a bit more space.

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    Separate Each Bra

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    Tiny fabric organizers may seem nice, but they come in handy when storing underwear or soft, wireless bras. With this system, everything has its own spot (you can use slightly bigger bins if you want a few bras to share) and it'll be easy to put your undergarments away. Simply fold each piece in half, then roll. With all its small compartments, a shoe organizer also works well for storing bras behind a closet door if you're low on closet space.

From your fanciest lingerie to your softest sports bra, these bra storage ideas will help you make the most of your space and your undergarments.