Brain Teasers for Kids

These hands-on brain teaser games will keep kids hands and minds busy.

Brain teaser games are a great way for kids to keep their minds active during summer and school vacations. They're fun, they're hands-on and they exercise the brain. All in all, they are a great addition, or alternative, to the electronic devices that domination children's attention today because kids have to physically manipulate these toys. This selection of mind-bending puzzles are for various ages, but for mostly kids should be around age 8.

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    Bedspring toy

    Age: 5+

    This tricky (but not too difficult) puzzle is an old-fashioned puzzler. Once kids have figured it out, they can put it behinds their backs in “Voila!” it’s a magic trick.

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    Brain teaser

    Age: 7+

    This collection of three hands-on puzzles includes original Brainstring, Crossteaser and Planets Kids can stretch, click and spin through these puzzles for hours of fun.

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    Bumper car brain teaser

    Age: 8 +

    This game from Huntar Company makes bumper-to-bumper traffic fun. Move these magnetic cars out of the traffic snarl in 12 different puzzles.

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    Classic toy

    Age: 8+

    This is another classic game that kids today still love. Includes a booklet with over 30 more brain teasers for kids, plus a carrying case.

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    UltiCube: The New Brain Teaser 3D Cube Puzzles


    Age: 10+

    From the maker: “Suppose you have 3 cubes each of 9 colors, for 27 cubes total. It is easy to snap together the cubes to form a 3 by 3 by 3 cube. But can you assemble it placing nine different colors in every face of the larger cube? “

    OK, my brain is already spinning, but gets tougher than that with this 7-in-1 brainteaser game.

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    Rubik's Cube

    Age: 8+

    But if you prefer the classic cube game don’t forget about Rubik’s cube. The determined kid (or adult) can keep at this one for hours.

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    Perplexus Maze Game
    Perplexus Maze Game. PriceGrabber

    Age: 6-12

    In this 3D maze game players maneuver a marble around barriers inside a sphere. Players select a track inside the maze and then work with gravity by moving the sphere to guide the marble.

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    Stackble toy

    Age: 1 +

    Most of the brain teaser games on this list are for school-age kids, but let's start with one for toddlers and preschoolers. At the beginning the challenge is simply putting the rings on the pole. Next, spatial logic comes into play as kids learn to make the rings interlock. Finally, kids solve the puzzle by getting the color and sequence right.

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    brainteaser books
    The puzzle and riddle books list will keep kids guessing. Good for all ages, it includes simple maze books for preschoolers and complex riddles for big kids