Brandon Pleshek

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Brandon Pleshek

Brandon Pleshek of Clean That Up! is a seasoned veteran of the cleaning industry with over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential cleaning.

As a third-generation professional janitor, cleaning is in Brandon's blood. He has a true passion and love for teaching others how to clean things up. Whether it’s how to clean up paint or slime from your carpet or helpful tips and hacks to make cleaning easier, he is here to help. Over the last several years, his cleaning tutorials and ‘cleaning hack videos’ have reached and helped millions of people around the globe.


  • Founder of the online cleaning sensation Clean That Up!
  • Next-generation leader and innovator in the global cleaning industry
  • Small Business Owner and Mentor
  • Featured in numerous publications and national television programs as a Cleaning Expert.


In addition to being a business owner, cleaning industry professional, and major brand consultant, Brandon is a lifelong student and innovator in the service industry. The cleaning industry is constantly changing, according to Brandon, and he is always looking for better methods and tools to clean things more efficiently, more safely, and in the end have the best results possible.

As a small business owner, Brandon spends considerable time as an outreach mentor to other small businesses helping them to meet the challenges, learn best practices and thrive in the highly competitive service industry. According to Brandon, rising tides raise all ships, and he truly enjoys collaborating, helping, and learning from others.

Expertise: Housekeeping, Commercial and Residential Cleaning, Janitorial Services
Title: Third-Generation Professional Janitor
Business Name: Clean That Up!

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