30 Breakfast Nook Ideas You'll Love

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Interior Impressions

A breakfast nook is such a valuable addition to any home. It's a place for the whole family to sit down and start the day—and it makes for an excellent spot to curl up with coffee and a magazine before the rest of the household wakes up. Breakfast nooks generally contain two or more chairs and often feature benches, particularly when they're located in the corner of a room. They're meant to be cute, cozy, and welcoming, and the great news is that there are so many design directions you can go in when designing a nook of your own. Read on to gather inspiration from 30 of our favorite breakfast nooks.

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    Add Some Drama

    breakfast nook with tall bench

    Stephen Karlsich for Benjamin Johnston

    If you crave some drama in the breakfast nook, consider utilizing a tall dining bench as seen here. This piece adds height and elegance to the everyday eating space, making it feel extremely luxe.

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    Display Favorite Art Prints

    breakfast nook with art

    Lucas/Eilers Design Associates

    Don't forget to display art in your breakfast nook! Make use of open wall space and hang a series of favorite prints or photographs. You'll be able to admire them as you sip your coffee every morning.

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    Think Big

    breakfast nook with long bench

    Julie Soefer for Lucinda Loya

    If you have a large family or host guests often, you may need to create a breakfast nook that is a bit larger in size. Here, a lengthy bench can accommodate many—consider opting for a bench with storage beneath to stash away seasonal linens and other entertaining supplies.

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    Keep it Cozy

    corner nook

    LifeCreated for Living With Lolo

    This smaller breakfast nook is cute and cozy. Classic cane chairs make a statement while nicely complementing the black and brown tones used throughout this kitchen.

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    Turn It Into a Gallery

    breakfast nook with pillows

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    If you're looking to showcase a special, oversized piece of art in your breakfast nook, consider hanging picture lights above it for a museum-inspired, gallery-like look.

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    Get Textural

    monochrome breakfast nook

    Jack Gardner for Brad Ramsey Interiors

    If you crave a monochrome look for your breakfast nook, you'll want to take a cue from this space. Though everything featured is white or beige, there is plenty of textural intrigue at play; mixing materials will always make a stunning statement.

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    Be Bold

    colorful breakfast nook with kid art

    Alyssa Rosenheck for JL Design

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, maybe you wish to go bold with color in your breakfast nook! Hang some of your kids' masterpieces from art class to make the little ones in your family feel special.

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    Create Your Own Cafe

    small bistro table

    Peter Murdock for Joshua Smith

    Maybe you live alone or don't sit down for breakfast often. In this case, a much smaller breakfast nook will suffice. This setup replicates the intimate feeling of sipping coffee in a charming cafe by yourself.

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    Pile on the Pillows

    breakfast nook with marble table

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Don't forget the throw pillows! You'll want to be nice and cozy as you curl up with your breakfast and coffee, and an assortment of colorful pillows, as seen here, will add plenty of pep to your nook.

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    Dine in the Living Room

    breakfast nook in living room

    Interior Impressions

    If your kitchen and living room are connected, you may wish to set up a breakfast nook in your living space. This can come in handy when entertaining, too, as you can make use of your small round table and use it to house drinks or appetizers.

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    Play Up High Ceilings

    breakfast nook with high ceilings

    Chad Mellon for Lindye Galloway

    If your breakfast nook has tall ceilings, you'll definitely want to play up this architectural feature. Fill your walls with art and hang an eye-catching chandelier or pendant for extra stylish flair.

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    Add Some Plant Life

    breakfast nook with rug

    Leslie Brown for Lindye Galloway

    Bring the outside in by accessorizing your breakfast nook with a plant or two. Real trees are beautiful, of course, but there are plenty of gorgeous fake options on the market if you're still working on that green thumb. Your guests most likely won't be able to tell the difference!

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    Get Print Happy

    breakfast nook with wallpaper

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    A breakfast nook can be the perfect place to experiment with bold wallpaper. Pick a pattern that speaks to you, the more cheerful the better, as exemplified by this welcoming green and white space.

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    Keep Things Simple

    breakfast nook sunlit

    Britt Design Studio

    That said, maybe you wish to embrace the natural sunlight that shines into your breakfast nook and keep the walls and decor simple. Natural tones look beautiful in this airy space.

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    Paint Your Walls

    breakfast nook with accent wall

    Alvin Wayne

    To make your breakfast nook feel more distinct, consider painting the walls in a color different from the rest of your space. Green complements the plant life in this apartment wonderfully and also looks fabulous with the wooden furniture.

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    Channel the Club

    breakfast nook plaid and leather

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Replicate the look of your favorite posh restaurant or club by working a leather chesterfield sofa into your breakfast nook and pairing it with some lamps. This setup reminds us of a cozy English countryside.

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    Light Up the Room

    round table in kitchen

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    Hanging a pendant light directly above your table can make your nook feel more separate from the rest of your kitchen, even if it's smack dab in the middle of all of the action. This textured piece doubles as a work of art!

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    Pick a Fave Fabric

    grandmillennial breakfast nook

    Victor Harshbarger for Lilse McKenna

    There are so many unique routes to go when choosing a bench for your breakfast nook. Perhaps you'll be able to revive a dated piece with some new fabric or will stumble upon a pre-made option that features some of your favorite hues or patterns. Here, a green bench looks lovely in this grandmillennial-inspired space.

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    Try a Tulip Table

    tulip table in breakfast nook

    Read McKendree for Lilse McKenna

    Round or oval-shaped tulip tables are a popular choice for the breakfast nook, and they'll really never go out of style. While they lean modern, they can be paired with more traditional-looking furnishings like those shown here.

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    Soak in the Views

    blue and white breakfast nook

    Caitlin Kah

    There's no need to display artwork when your breakfast nook looks out to a picture-perfect backyard. In this space, the outdoor landscape does the talking.

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    Make it Five Star-Worthy

    lime green breakfast nook

    Caitlin Kah

    This breakfast nook has a boutique hotel or restaurant-like feel to it, thanks to the curved bench and beautiful upholstery. Hotels and restaurants are great spaces to look to for design inspiration; take a peek at favorite dining spaces from past trips as you plan your own!

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    Bring on the Prints

    bright breakfast nook

    Caitlin Kah

    A bold print adds charm to this breakfast nook and, as a bonus, will camouflage spills and stains much better than a solid color. When selecting fabric for a dining area, you'll want to ensure that it's easy to clean and isn't too precious, after all.

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    Keep it Clear

    modern breakfast nook

    Kelsey Ann Rose for Megan Hopp

    If your apartment is small, you may wish to opt for lucite furniture, which takes up less visual space but remains in vogue. Here, a clear breakfast nook looks right at home in this modern unit.

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    Use That Corner

    bistro table in apartment

    @mariannesides / Instagram

    Apartment dwellers who have yet to determine how to make room for a breakfast nook, this one's for you. Note that even a small bistro table can provide tons of function; simply pair it with two simple chairs and you're golden. When you have limited square footage, it's very important to put those empty corners to work.

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    Incorporate Trends

    scandi breakfast nook

    Brophy Interiors

    Wishbone chairs are a popular seating choice and look lovely in this contemporary breakfast nook. The ribbed dining bench is also very on trend, too.

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    Slipcover Your Seating

    breakfast nook with plant

    Calimia Home

    Consider placing a slipcover over your dining bench to introduce a whole new look to your space without going the reupholstery route. As a bonus, slipcovers are easy to toss into the washing machine as needed.

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    Work Around Your Counters

    corner breakfast nook

    Carina Skrobecki for Jessica Nelson Design

    This breakfast nook fits right in between kitchen cabinets, proving that no kitchen is too small for a little dining spot.

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    Go Oval

    breakfast nook with oval table

    Jessica Nelson Design

    A long, oval table is the name of the game in this breakfast nook. If you plan to have multiple people sit in your nook at once, you'll want to make sure that everyone has room for their plate!

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    Say Yes to More

    wicker breakfast nook

    Stephanie Perez

    Art, scallops, weaves and wallpaper - more is more in this preppy breakfast nook, and wicker seating adds coastal flair to the setup.

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    Pick a Color Scheme

    breakfast nook with built ins

    Stephanie Perez

    If your breakfast nook is located between built-ins, you'll want to stick to a general color scheme to ensure that the overall area appears cohesive and not too cluttered. Here, peaches, greens, blues, and whites complement one another and look nice and elevated.