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Breanna Mona

Breanna produces detailed product roundups and product reviews across home and lifestyle spaces. She often personally tests products herself, and regularly interviews field experts to offer readers the best insights and recommendations based on their unique needs and lifestyles.


  • Has written for over 15 publications as a freelance writer
  • Over 2 years of experience in product reviews and testing
  • Over 8 years of professional experience in journalism


Breanna Mona began her career in journalism in 2014, focusing on local arts and entertainment stories. Her love for pop culture allowed her to pick up high-profile assignments and interview celebrities for entertainment features, and review media within the theater and television industries.

In 2017, Breanna entered a master’s program at Kent State University, studying digital media and journalism while serving as a graduate assistant. By 2019, Breanna graduated with her master’s, instructed human communication courses, and created digital content in the health and wellness space.

Today, Breanna pitches, writes, and edits thoughtful articles across for home. As a freelancer, Breanna’s written for over 15 publications.


Breanna holds a Master’s Degree in Media and Journalism from Kent State University. During her graduate program, Breanna served as a graduate assistant for Kent State's journalism department, assisting professors with research and teaching-related support. She performed qualitative and quantitative research tasks, including coding and content analysis. Breanna's master's project focused on political messaging and protest in popular culture.

Expertise: Home
Education: Kent State University
Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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