Breeze Cat Litter Box System

Can the Breeze Litter Box System Be as Good as I've Heard?

Photo of Breeze Litter System Setup in a Small Bathroom
Breeze Litter Box System Setup. Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

Scooping a cat litter box can be a tiresome duty, especially for caregivers of multiple cats. So when someone mentioned the Tidy Cats Breeze Cat Litter Box System, my curiosity set in. I found the product on and read the customer reviews for this cat litter box system.

The average rating was 4.5 out of 5 stars. I ordered the Breeze Cat Litter Box System, deciding to try it out first with my Jenny, who is presently confined to my master bedroom/bath.

If it worked out, I'd purchase another of these cat litter box units for my three boys.

Jenny Likes Her Box

I have been using a regular cat litter box with World's Best Cat Litter for all of my cats for years. I still recommend WBCL highly. Even though it tracks very little, my cats, including Jenny, are expert kickers of litter, when covering their waste. The bathroom floor on all sides of Jenny's box was strewn with wayward litter, and it was dangerously close to the floor HVAC vent.

The very first thing I noticed with the Breeze Cat Litter Box System is that the pellets are solid and firm, sized a bit smaller than the Feline Pine pellets. After hers and Joey's use for three days, there were only four or five grains of pellets on the floor in front of the box. Because of the box's higher back side, no pellets had been kicked behind it.

Joey Gives the Breeze Litter Box System His Stamp of Approval

Joey is the only one of our male cats who has been allowed in the master bedroom suite with Jenny.

Often he spends two to three hours with her at a time. It was inevitable that he'd also try out the new litter box. Sure enough, after one of his visits, I found a larger poop in the box. I have removed the other box with the WBCL from the bathroom and both of them are using the Breeze Cat Litter Box regularly.

The Breeze Litter Pad Life

It is difficult to foresee how quickly the pad will become saturated. One Amazon reviewer said she only had to change the pad once a week for her Persian female. I was therefore surprised when the pad in Jenny's box was saturated after four days. Surprisingly, there was little urine odor coming from the box itself. The pad tray is tightly closed in a tray under the box.

The pad is divided into thirds. Since most cats urinate at one or another end of the box. Another Amazon reviewer recommended turning the pad around after one end becomes saturated. This makes sense and will help extend the useful life of the pad. The photo shows the pad after one pee by Jaspurr in his new cat litter box. He is a large cat and drinks large quantities of water. You can see that pad life is determined by a number of factors.

Jaspurr and Billy are Introduced to the Breeze Litter System

There is always a lot of feline fascination when boxes of new stuff arrive at our house. My son set up the Breeze Cat Litter Box System in one minute flat (quicker than retrieving it from the packing). Jaspurr and Billy both hovered around, watching with interest.

I had been concerned that the box might prove too small for Jaspurr.

However, as soon as my son stepped away, Jaspurr hopped into the box, took a few sniffs, then lifted his tail and peed away.

The Bottom Line

Although Billy (to my knowledge) has not yet used the new box, the other cats (and humans) in our home give it high marks. Billy is very interested in it, though, and I think it is just a matter of time before he will be using it also.

We still keep two other boxes filled with World's Best. However, I'll be buying another Breeze Cat Litter Box System in the near future. I suspect that if all goes as well as it has so far, that it will be the only kind of litter box in our home.

I've found for my purposes, it is less costly to purchase the pads and the pellets in bulk quantities. I ordered a pack of 10 (4-count refill) pads, and a pack of 6 3.5-pound pellet refills.

I'm dividing one of the pellet refills to add a small amount of depth to our two current boxes. Since the pellets generate little if any urine odor and little loss through scooping, the remaining five should last a few months. The lifespan of the pads is still unknown.

I've found, in my own case, that this system can actually save me a little bit of money. I use the Litter Locker to hold disposed cat waste. The bags were filling up quite rapidly with WBCL because of the large amount of waste in urine clumps. So I'll eventually be able to save on the cost of the refill bags.

The Final Verdict

  • Tops in Convenience
  • Little to No Odor
  • The Cats Like It
  • I Love It