20 Brick Fire Pit Ideas, From Rustic to Modern

brick fire pit ideas

Matthew Murrey Design

A brick fire pit can take many forms, from round to square to rectangular or beyond depending on your taste. You can build your own DIY brick fire pit or have one built for you on an open patio or on a cement or gravel patch in your backyard. Your brick fire pit may be built in ground or above ground, on grass or on a freestanding gravel patio carved out of a green lawn. It may include built-in seating around it or stand in isolation so that you can change out the seating as you like, or store outdoor furniture for the winter.

The color of your brick fire pit can range from rustic red to whitewashed and weathered to painted white for a clean modern farmhouse look. Or you can use paver bricks or blocks to create a brick-effect fire pit with a modern look.

Check out these ideas for brick fire pits that range from rustic to traditional to vintage and modern to help you find the style that's right for your home.

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    Consider Perspectives

    brick fire pit ideas

    Casa Smith Designs / Photo by Mark Pinkerton

    This brick fire pit from Casa Smith Designs is surrounded by a half-circle arrangement of Adirondack chairs that keeps the entry open and flowing. The location of the chairs allows those seated by the fire to have a view of the rest of the outdoor space, too, which consists of several zones throughout the property.

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    Fill It With Decorative Stones

    brick fire pit ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    This painted white brick fire pit from Mindy Gayer Design Co. has a modern look that blends in with the outdoor decor and landscaping of this pool patio courtyard. The white brick base lightens up the large backyard propane fire pit, while a clean-lined concrete top and large charcoal-colored fire pit stones adds contrast and lends it a contemporary feel.

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    Set It on a Gravel Patio

    brick fire pit

    Casa Smith Designs / Photo by Mark Pinkerton

    This inviting round brick fire pit from Casa Smith Designs is located in a quiet corner on the back end of a landscaped garden. The purpose-built patio is accessible by a walkway that connects it to the rest of the outdoor space.

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    Make It Multipurpose

    brick fire pit ideas

    Kate Marker Interiors / Emily Kennedy Photo

    Kate Marker Interiors added a white metal perforated cage cover that sits over the off-duty fire pit during the daytime to create a coffee table for daytime entertaining. Remove the cover and the brick fire pit is ready to go. This is a good solution if you live in a blisteringly hot climate and don't use your fire pit during the spring and summer, or simply if you want to maximize functionality in your outdoor space.

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    Surround It With an Arbor

    fire pit with arbor

    Matthew Murrey Design

    This brick fire pit in Dallas, TX, from Matthew Murrey Design has a custom arbor that is made of molded concrete columns and 12x12 cedar beams, planted with lush landscaping such as fern, boxwood, and wisteria that elevates the reclaimed brick fire pit.

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    Go All White

    white brick fire pit

    Creative Environments

    A clean-lined, all-white rectangular brick fire pit anchors a cozy seating area on this spacious Arizona pool patio from Creative Environments.

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    Use Concrete-Based Pavers

    brick fire pit


    This backyard fire pit from Belgard looks like red brick but is actually constructed from concrete-based pavers for a convincing effect.

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    Use Salvaged Bricks

    salvaged brick fire pit

    B Vintage Style

    Blogger Deborah from B Vintage Style used salvaged bricks from France bought on sale to create an in-ground fire pit in her large back yard. The minimalist design is easy to mow around, making maintenance a breeze. Folding French park chairs and tree stump coffee tables complement the patina on the aged bricks as well as brick features throughout the outdoor property for a cohesive look with a slightly vintage feel.

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    Keep It Traditional

    traditional brick fire pit ideas

    Matthew Murrey Design

    Matthew Murrey Design added a round brick fire pit to this spacious outdoor terrace that is in harmony with everything from the brick facade of the home to the outdoor bar.

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    Smooth It Out

    brick fire pit ideas

    Build by Gonterman Custom Homes / Interior Design by Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop / Photo by Chad Mellon

    A rectangular white brick fire pit with a smooth surface and a blocky white banquette gives this black, white, and gray patio conversation area from Gonterman Custom Homes a sleek, modern look.

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    Use a Fire Pit Kit

    brick fire pit

    Yellow Brick Home

    Yellow Brick Home used a fire pit kit to build this backyard fire pit using blocks that have a brick-like effect for a modern look that is cozy and inviting. The small round fire pit is located on a round patio lined with gravel, surrounded by outdoor armchairs, and accessorized with extra blankets in a range of patterns and colors to make it cozier and personalize the space.

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    Square It Off

    white brick fire pit

    Mindy Gayer Design Co. / Photo by Vanessa Lentine

    On this Corona del Mar, CA patio from Mindy Gayer Design Co., a square, white painted brick fire pit fits the space between the two sides of the L-shaped sectional sofa and pair of armchairs on the remaining two sides. The white brick complements the white wicker and upholstery on the furniture for a modern farmhouse look.

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    DIY Brick Fire Pit

    diy brick fire pit

    Mimzy & Company

    Mimzy & Company used leftover bricks from a fireplace project to build this large round DIY brick fire pit in a Florida backyard.

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    Modern Rustic Fire Pit

    brick fire pit

    House Mix

    Stacked pavers with a whitewashed brick hue add a modern rustic look to this DIY fire pit from House Mix.

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    Add a Contrasting Top

    brick fire pit ideas

    Design Studio Ma

    Design Studio Ma anchored a cozy outdoor conversation area on a green and leafy backyard patio with a large white brick fire pit with a contrasting top.

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    Choose Cool Tones

    brick effect fire pit


    Brick comes in a variety of colors that create varied effects, from warm reds to cool tans and grays. This square fire pit from Belgard is made from a concrete-based material that has an appearance that is reminiscent of oversized tan brick, layered between texture concrete for a contemporary look.

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    Use Leftover Bricks

    diy brick fire pit

    Hammers N Hugs

    Hammers N Hugs used leftover bricks from another project to make a DIY fire pit that is the centerpiece of an outdoor gathering space that is outfitted with seating and decorated with plants and string lights.

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    Add Contrast

    brick fire pit

    Jason Finn / Getty Images

    A brick fire pit adds contrast to this crisp modern patio with its curved edges, modern outdoor furniture, and bright upholstery.

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    Brick Effect Blocks

    brick fire pit ideas


    COTTAGE + SEA used brick effect blocks in a darker color than the pavers on the terrace to creates a focal point that adds warmth to the cozy outdoor space.

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    Add Boho Style Flair

    brick paver fire pit

    House Mix

    A white gravel patio with scalloped edging, vintage-style rattan furniture, and natural accents give this DIY fire pit from House Mix a slightly bohemian feel nestled in the Florida woods.