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Use brick alone or combined with other materials to enhance your interiors

Rustic Southwest USA Kitchen: Brick Floor, Beams, Oven, Counters
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Brick flooring is almost always more than just a series of red rectangles. In fact, brick comes in such a wide variety of colors, shapes, and patterns that it can often be difficult to imagine how a brick floor might look in your home. Therefore, the best way to understand how this versatile flooring material can work is to look at a range of brick styles and patterns installed in a variety of rooms. In most cases, the dramatic effect of brick flooring speaks for itself.

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    Combine Brick Pavers and Wood Planks

    Brick and hardwood flooring

    One of the great things about brick flooring is that it has many of the same rustic, natural characteristics of real stone, without a lot of the drawbacks. This allows it to be successfully used in a variety of primitive and cabin style decorative flooring patterns. Some specially treated brick materials can even be made to order with an aged, weathered look that will give the floor a sense of personality and history.

    In this picture, we see a brick floor paired with heart-pine cross beam planks. The bricks are a "salvaged" style that mimics reclaimed brick from old buildings. Laid in a basic herringbone pattern, or bond, each brick section forms a square of infill within a grid of wood.  

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    Design a Brick Path to Your Door

    Patterned Brick Entryway

    Brick is often chosen as flooring for an entryway because it is durable, stain-resistant, and easy to clean. Regular upkeep is merely a matter of sweeping, vacuuming, or wet-mopping the surface.

    In this eye-catching design, sections of brick are divided by hardwood planking, creating a visual pathway leading in from the front door. The bond pattern of all three sections is a basic herringbone, but the center section is set at an angle to the other two.

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    Beautify Mahogany With Brick

    Brick flooring in a kitchen

    The easy maintenance of brick flooring makes it very popular for kitchens. Here, the multi-hued red coloring of the brick is able to pick up subtle hints of blushing hues in the mahogany cabinets. The herringbone pattern is very simple, creating a cross-cut visual that makes this small space seem larger than it actually is. The speckled gray granite countertops finish the effect, giving the quaint rustic style of the room a polished look.

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    Upgrade Concrete With Brick Flagstone

    Brick patio flooring images

    Brick flooring isn't limited to squares and rectangles. This patio is laid with thin brick pavers that are preinstalled onto sheets of mesh, similar to tile mosaics. The sheets can fit together in a few different configurations so it is very difficult to detect a repeating pattern in the finished installation.

    Thin brick flooring offers a great way to decorate a plain concrete patio slab with a natural stone look but without the difficult installation and high maintenance of real stone. 

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    Brighten Maple With Golden Brick

    Golden brick kitchen floors

    Combining golden sandstone colors with a variety of sizes and shapes, this unconventional kitchen floor borrows hints from cut stone and even handmade tile, creating a brighter, more welcoming effect than the look of traditional dark brick. This color is the perfect complement to the honeyed tones of the maple cabinets and provides a welcome contrast to the cool stainless steel appliances.

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    Create Old-World Cobblestone

    Brick porch flooring

    This stunningly patterned brick patio floor is made with square sheets containing a quarter-circle pattern surrounded by a perimeter of 4-by-4-inch square bricks. The full four-sheet pattern can be combined with any number of straight rows to fill or define the remaining space. The bricks' shape and size, as well as the weathered texture, give them an Old-World cobblestone look.

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    Bring Tradition to Your Kitchen

    Richmond red brick kitchen flooring tiles

    The red tones of this kitchen flooring act as a contrasting element to the golden-oak stained hardwood cabinets and drawers. The interplay between these two sets of hues creates a sense of dynamic energy in the space that actually serves to draw the disparate features of the room together.

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    Grace an Entry With Frames of Brick

    Brick kitchen flooring pavers

    This foyer features red brick pavers set into a framework of hand-scraped cypress planks. The planks are installed to create the illusion of a basketweave pattern that shows off the natural characteristics of the wood, and this is complemented by the bricks' pinwheel pattern. The result is a floor that looks like a dozen frames of multi-colored brick art.