Inspirational Pictures Of Brick Flooring Colors, Patterns, and Styles

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    Brick Flooring Design and Inspiration Gallery

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    Brick flooring is more than just a series of red rectangles. There are actually a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns available when choosing this versatile construction material. However it can often be difficult to imagine how a floor will look in different interior spaces.

    The best way to get a sense of how this flooring material will match up with the colors and styles of different designs is to look at a variety of pictures of brick floors that are already installed. This will allow you...MORE to see how different colors contrast with one another. You will also be able to determine the visual effect that different patterns can have on the way a room flows.

    The following gallery should give you an idea of options that are available to you when choosing a brick floor. You can also use it to get some perspective on how this material will relate to other features in a variety of interior spaces.

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    Mixing Brick Pavers With Hardwood Planks

    One of the great things about brick flooring is that is has many of the same rustic, natural feeling characteristics as real stone, without a lot of the drawbacks. This allows it to be successfully used in a variety of primitive and cabin style decorative flooring patterns. Some specially treated brick materials can even be made to order with an aged, weathered look that will give the floor a sense of personality, and history.

    In this picture we see a brick floor paired with heart pine cross beam...MORE planks. The bricks are salvaged Windsor, which gives them a sense of natural age. Laid in a basic herringbone pattern, the effect is a sense of rustic natural beauty, mixed with a sense of sophisticated style. This would be the perfect pattern for an upscale lodge or cabin style setting.

    Brick Living Room Floors

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    Brick Flooring For An Entryway

    Brick is often chosen as flooring for an entryway because it is durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean. Commonly used in outdoor applications, you don’t have to worry about a properly sealed brick floor permanently stained by people tracking dirt, mud, and grime in from the outdoors. And cleaning it up is just a matter of sweeping, vacuuming, or wet mopping the area.

    In this setting the brick has been laid in three partitions, divided by hardwood planking, creating a visual pathway leading...MORE in from the front door. A basic herringbone pattern has been used, contrasted in the middle by an offset angle, to add visual appeal to the flow of the space. This effect is complimented by matched Persian floor rugs which provide a counterpoint to the natural undertones in the spaces design.

    Eco-Friendly Brick Floors

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    Brick Kitchen With Granite Counters

    The low maintenance requirements of brick flooring make it very popular in kitchens. In this picture the multi hued Charleston red color of the brick is able to pick up subtle hints of blushing hues in the mahogany cabinets. The herringbone pattern is very simple; creating a cross cut visual that makes this small space seem larger than it actually is. The speckled gray granite counters finish the effect, giving the quaint rustic style of the room a polished look.

    Cleaning Mildew From Brick...MORE Flooring

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    Brick Patio Flooring Pavers

    This picture makes it clear that brick flooring is not confined to squares and rectangles. Here we see a patio built with a brick flagstone style pattern floor. This is installed using sheets of mesh mounted flagstone pavers, which can contain up to two dozen different tiles, all in different sizes and shapes. The tile is set in such a way that when it is installed it is very difficult to detect a repeating pattern in the surface.

    This is a great way to add a sense of natural random chance to an...MORE outdoor flooring application, without having to worry about the maintenance required of natural stone. Look closely and see if you can tell where the sheets are joined together.

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    Golden Sandstone Brick Flooring

    Brick flooring doesn’t always have to be traditional red. In this kitchen a golden sandstone brick material has been set in an Old Worlde Style pattern which features a series of large and small, rectangular and square shaped pavers. This creates a brighter, more welcoming effect than traditional brick, which can often have an institutional demeanor.

    This color is the perfect compliment to the golden oak style cabinets and doors in the room, and is contrasted by the stainless steal appliances...MORE which stand out as focal points amongst the golden glow of walls and floors.

    Waterproofing A Brick Basement Floor Installation
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    Promenade Brick Flooring Pattern on a Porch

    In an outdoor installation brick flooring is going to tend to get worn down, achieving a faded, antiqued look which can be quite attractive. Here we see an already subdued Richmond color selection, set in a promenade pattern that creates visual centerpieces that trail across the surface of the porch.

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    Richmond Red Contrasting Brick Kitchen Floor

    In the last picture we showed the Richmond red brick floor installed in an exterior installation. Here we see that the red hues are much deeper and more prominent when installed in an interior location such as this kitchen.

    The red tones of the flooring act as a contrasting element to the golden oak stained hardwood cabinets and drawers. The interplay between these two sets of hues creates a sense of dynamic energy in the space that actually serves to draw the disparate features of the room...MORE together.

    More Brick Flooring Paver Information

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    Brick Kitchen Flooring With Inlaid Pine Beams

    This foyer features Baton Rouge red brick paves, set into hand scraped Cyprus hardwood borders. The wooden planks are set in a basket weave pattern that shows off the natural characteristics of the Cyprus. This is complimented by the pinwheel pattern that the brick materials are set into. The result is a floor that looks like a dozen frames of multi-colored brick art.

    The home that this was installed in is located in Louisiana, and the traditional look of the interior was important to the owners....MORE Because of this, the Cyprus borders were used to match and compliment the style of the more traditional hardwood furnishings to be used within. It also helped to break the visual color monotony that a pure brick floor sometimes creates.