Bridal Shower Games to Make Opening Gifts Fun

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Naturally, the point of hosting a bridal shower is to support the bride-to-be with good wishes, gifts, a fun time, and the company of her closest family and friends. But why not use it as an opportunity for the guests to have fun too? Organize one or both of these bridal shower activities that can be played while the bride is opening her gifts. It will give the guests something to talk about together and help to break the ice among guests that don't know each other well (such as friends of the bride and her family). Plus it will add excitement not just for the bride, but for the guests as they watch her open up each successive gift. One of these games will give guests something to laugh about, as well.

Bridal Shower Bingo Game

Your guests will pay attention as the bride opens her gifts if there's a potential prize in there for them as well. Prepare for a game of bridal shower bingo and guests will become increasingly excited as each present is opened and they learn whether a square on their bingo card can be marked off. There are several variations on this popular game that's perfect for all ages. Pick the one that most suits your bride and a group of guests.

To prepare for Bridal Shower Bingo, you'll need to print blank bingo cards. Make sure you print out a card to give with a sharpened pencil to each of your guests.

For the first variation on this game, distribute the bingo cards and pencils before the bride begins to open her gifts. Ask all of the guests to fill the center square with the gift she gave to the bride--that's her free square. Then, tell the guests to fill in all of the other squares with possible gifts the bride will receive. Even if guests talk out loud and overhear ideas from other guests, each card will look different since the placement of the possible gifts will vary on each card. As each gift is opened, guests will cross-out the applicable square on her card if she has written down that gift. The first guest to cross out a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row and shouts out "Bingo!" wins a prize. You can continue the game with second, third, etc. winning places, depending on how many prizes you have purchased.

Another variation on Bridal Shower Bingo is to instruct guests to fill in the bingo squares with possible descriptions the bride will give to her different gifts as she opens them. This will force guests to pay close attention. As they catch a description on their card, have them write down the related gift in case there are any questions after the presents have all been opened! You can suggest some of these potential adjectives to guests:

  • large
  • small
  • color name
  • soft
  • hard
  • long
  • short
  • sharp
  • useful
  • surprise
  • unexpected
  • favorite
  • sticky
  • big
  • tough
  • fragile
  • breakable
  • bright
  • durable
  • washable
  • shiny

The final variation on a Bridal Shower Bingo Game is played a little more traditionally. As in the first example, ask guests to fill in their cards with potential gifts for the bride, once again filling in the center free square with their own gift. Then you, as the game host, reads out items from a list you've prepared before the shower, unrelated to the bride's actual gifts. Space out gifts you call out, perhaps one after each gift opened by the bride. Once again, the first guest to complete a row, vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, calls out "Bingo" and wins a prize. To get you started, here are possible gifts you can call out:

  • toaster
  • toaster oven
  • coffee maker
  • blender
  • food processor
  • dish towels
  • sheets
  • bath towels
  • can opener
  • mixing bowls
  • baking pans
  • place setting
  • glasses
  • mugs
  • tea kettle
  • pressure cooker
  • carafe
  • serving tray
  • knife set
  • flatware
  • mixer
  • waffle maker
  • skillet
  • bedspread

Bridal Shower Honeymoon Story

You can assign one or several of the guests to be in charge of this activity as the bride opens her gifts. She/they will record the bride's comments as she opens her gifts. Once all the gifts have been opened, the comments are read back to the group, after telling them that this will be what the bride says on her honeymoon night. If several guests are aware of this activity, they can feed leading questions to the bride to make her comments even funnier when read back to the group. Try not to let the bride know what you're doing so that she doesn't censor her own commentary.

Here's a real transcript from a bridal shower which will give you an example of how the comments might read once the bride has opened everything. Put yourself in the mindset of a bridal shower as you read this, and you'll understand the potential for humor.

"I need it, very nice. I'm going to open this very carefully because the box is very tight. This one's very heavy. Let's pack this neatly, and don't bounce them. You didn't see it? Drumroll, please! Thanks for coming. I've always wanted one of these. I know these two go together. This is interesting--I've never seen one before. Look how big--wow! I know he wants it. When is it going to come out of here? I knew it looked familiar. I have to open the big one first. My mother has to give me lessons in this so I don't have to read the book. It slices, it dices, with nine different blades. Help me push. Did everyone see this one over here? I won't forget what to put in it. I need to go quicker. It's a grinder. It smells so good. Don't stretch backward for it, we can do it either way. Careful, I don't want to be clumsy. The more the better. It's not for the head. I know how to use that, I learned a long time ago. I'm going faster now, they're rushing me. How much time do we have left? I can't perform very well under pressure."

Either one of these bridal shower games is sure to delight guests and the bride herself.