Bridal Shower Games to Break the Ice

Bride opening gifts at bridal shower.
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Naturally, the point of hosting a bridal shower is to support the bride-to-be with good wishes, gifts, a fun time and the company of her closest family and friends. The day is all about the bride, but why not use it as an opportunity for the guests to have fun too? Adding a few bridal shower games gets guests involved and can create great memories.

Why Add Games to a Bridal Shower?

When you're hosting a bridal shower, keep in mind that the only activity shouldn't be watching the bride open her gifts. Sure, everyone loves a great tea towel set but there's so much potential to add fun for everyone.

Instead of a traditional gathering, organize a bridal shower game or two. It's a great way to break the ice among guests that don't know each other well and gives everyone more than blender models to talk about after the party. The games don't have to be overly involved, cost a lot or take a long time, but they can create wonderful conversations and lasting memories.

Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt

Sending kids on a scavenger hunt is a great way to use up their excess energy. With this bridal shower scavenger hunt for adults, no one will break a sweat. It's perfect for all the guests at your shower, no matter their age. 

Bridal Shower Trivia Game

You will need to do some preparation to play the bridal shower trivia game, probably more than any other game you can choose. Your effort will be worth it as guests learn all about both the bride and the groom.

Remember that you don't want to reveal anything too embarrassing since this is the bride's day to shine. After all, you wouldn't want her future in-laws to learn details that they'll never let her forget.

Bridal Shower Clothespin Game

It's called the clothespin game, but you can use safety pins as well and they are a bit more discreet. This is your chance to show guests just how tricky words can be. If they want to win the prize, they're going to have to pay attention to what they say during conversations at the shower.

Games to Play While the Bride Opens Gifts

It may be the moment the bride has been waiting for, but it can also leave some guests counting the minutes to the end of the party. We're talking about the time when the bride is opening up her pile of gifts. Oooh, it's a toaster. Oooh, those are nice sheets.

If you've been to one shower, you could say that you've been to them all. But if the hostess adds one or two of these games to the party, guests will be paying much closer attention as each gift is opened. Anyone down for some bridal shower bingo?

The Not-Yet-Newlywed Game

The not-yet-newlywed game is perfect for a Jack and Jill bridal shower. These couples showers are a popular variation on the girls-only tradition and it's good to get the groom involved. Since everyone's invited, add to the fun with this bridal shower version of the classic "Newlywed Game." 

Toilet Paper Gown Game

In this classic game, teams of guests race to create a bridal gown. It is similar to the Halloween mummy wrap, but instead of racing to turn the subject into a mummy, the teams race to turn a teammate into a bride. The catch is that you can only use toilet paper and tape. It's not as easy as it seems, but the results are bound to be hilarious.

Begin by dividing the guests into teams with at least three people each (ideally no more than five). Give each team several rolls of toilet paper and a roll of tape. Tell them to select one teammate to be the bride. The rest of the team has to create a dress and bridal headpiece out of the toilet paper.

Set the timer for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Once the timer sounds, all work stops and the bride gets to choose the best dress. Give prizes to the winning teammates.