The Best Bridal Shower Games and Icebreakers

Game sheet at wedding shower

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If you're hosting a bridal shower, keep in mind the only activity shouldn't be watching the bride open her gifts. Sure, everyone loves a great tea towel set, but there's more potential to add some fun for everyone.

That's where bridal shower games come in. The games don't have to be overly involved, cost a lot, or take a long time. But they can be a great way to break the ice among guests, creating wonderful conversations and lasting memories.

Scavenger Hunt

Sending kids on a scavenger hunt is a great way to use up their excess energy. But with this bridal shower scavenger hunt for adults, no one has to break a sweat. In fact, guests can remain seated while playing.

Simply create a list of items commonly carried in pockets and handbags, along with a few slightly more obscure objects, and assign a game leader to call out these items one by one. The guest who has the most items on the list wins a prize of your choosing.

Happy Couple Trivia

Challenge guests' knowledge of the happy couple with a trivia game. This game does take a bit of preparation, as you must gather fun facts about the couple and turn them into questions. You can either have a game leader ask the questions out loud, awarding points to the first person to answer correctly. Or you can distribute a questionnaire for guests to complete at some point during the shower, setting aside time to call out the correct answers as a group.

Don't include any information that's too embarrassing because this is the bride's day to shine. After all, you wouldn't want her future in-laws to learn details they'll never let her forget.

Clothespin Game

While it's called the clothespin game, you can use safety pins, as well. This activity turns watching your words into a little competition for guests.

To prepare, gather enough pins for each guest to have one, giving them a festive touch with some paint or glitter if you'd like. Then, pick a "forbidden" word related to the wedding theme, such as bridesmaid or honeymoon. When guests arrive, have them attach a pin to their clothing, and tell them the forbidden word. If another guest catches them using the word, they must give their pin to that person. The person who ends up with the most pins wins.

The Not-Yet-Newlywed Game

The not-yet-newlywed game is perfect for a shower that includes both members of the happy couple, as well as their respective family and friends. It's a great way for guests to get to know the couple better, and the lovebirds might uncover some trivia about each other, too.

The game leader sits the couple in front of the guests and gives each of them a notepad or dry-erase board. Then, ask the couple lighthearted trivia questions about each other—such as "What is your partner's favorite meal?"—and have them individually record their answers without talking to each other. Ask them to hold up their papers, and applaud when their responses match. You also could up the stakes by inviting guests to compete with the couple and keeping score of who gets the most matching answers.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

In this classic bridal shower game, guests race to create a bridal gown with one catch: They can only use toilet paper and tape. It is similar to the Halloween mummy wrap, but instead of turning the subject into a mummy, guests transform a teammate into a bride. It's not as easy as it seems, and the results are bound to be hilarious.

Begin by dividing guests into teams of about three to five people. Give each team several rolls of toilet paper and a roll of tape. Have them select one teammate to be the bride while the rest of the team creates a toilet paper dress and bridal headpiece on that person. Set a timer for 15 minutes. All work stops once the timer sounds, and the actual bride gets to choose the best dress. Give prizes to the winning team.

Shower Gift Bingo

"Oooh, it's a toaster." "Wow, those are nice sheets." The time when the bride is opening shower gifts can become pretty dull for guests if they have nothing to do but sit and watch. But a game of shower gift bingo can help to hold their attention and keep them excited, especially if prizes are involved.

There are various ways to play. For one, give guests blank bingo cards before the bride starts opening presents, and ask them to fill in the squares with gifts they think she'll receive. Then, as each gift is opened, guests can cross out squares they've correctly guessed until they get a bingo. Another way to play is to have guests fill out their cards with descriptions of potential gifts—such as shiny, fragile, or washable—and have them cross out squares if a gift matches that description. For both variations, guests may use their own gift as the center free space.