How to Host a Spa Party Bridal Shower

Shot of two friends in bathrobes laughing at a text
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While bridal shower games have long been popular, today's bride is often looking for more modern alternatives. Rather than having tea, cake, and games at someone's house, more and more bridal showers are activity-oriented events held outside the home. The most popular of these types is the spa shower. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Find an invitation with a spa theme, such as the one below. Help your guests know what to expect by clearly stating what will be included, and whether or not they should bring presents for the bride. For example:

"It's a day to get pampered
and be spoiled all the way
with an afternoon at the spa
before Sally's big day!
A room has been reserved at the XYZ salon at 3 pm, Sunday, October 8. Please bring $25 for your manicure and pedicure treatment and a spa- or beauty-themed present. We'll indulge in a little pampering before raising a glass to Sally! RSVP to Lisa or Sandy to let us know if you can make it."

Group Activities

Look for a spa that will let you all start off with a yoga class to get your mind and body focused for some serious pampering. Or choose one that has a steam room or Jacuzzi to gather in-between treatments. At midday (or at the end of your treatments if you're going for a less expensive option), gather for a light lunch, cake, and present opening.

Presents for the Bride

Get everyone to pitch in for a spa gift certificate for the bride or have everyone bring a pampering cream, hair product, or beauty accessories such as a robe or hair dryer.

Goody Bags

Send guests home with a bag to remember the day and thank them for coming. Purchase do-it-at-home masks or make up a batch of homemade masks, then package them in pretty airtight jars.

Don't forget to include instructions and an expiration date. Add some manicure accessories, such as inexpensive nail files or toe separators. Many department store cosmetic departments offer free samples–see if you can obtain enough to throw into the goody bags for an extra treat.