Bridal Shower in a Box

How to Throw a Bridal Shower for a Friend Far Away

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When a good friend or close relative gets married, it's natural that you'd want to help celebrate and throw a shower for them. But what happens if you live far away? Why not throw a bridal shower in a box?

Since you can't throw her a bridal shower in person, send her all the necessities by mail. Put together gifts, decorations, refreshments and games in a box decorated like an invitation, then seal it up and mail it! Then all you have to do is wait for the excited and surprised phone call of a bride who can't believe how thoughtful you are.

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    Regular bridal showers require an invitation, and why should yours be any different? Decorate the outside of the box like an envelope, or an invite, and write "You are invited to a bridal shower in a box, honoring (bride's name)." To get some inspiration, check out our gallery of ​bridal shower invitations.

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    Obviously, you can't have a bridal shower without gifts, right? Purchase some of the smaller things on her registry and wrap them individually so she gets to open several packages. You could give yourself a theme like "a kitchen shower" - have all the gifts relate to cooking and tuck in a few recipes. More Bridal Shower Themes and Ideas
    If others also live near you, and thus far away from the bride, recruit them to add gifts to your package as well.

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     Plum Party

    Surround your gifts with confetti and crepe paper. Consider adding some crepe paper bells, or decorative banners and paper goods like the ones from Plum Party pictured here.

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    Wedding cookies


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    Since your "guest" of honor might get a little parched or hungry while opening all those gifts, be sure to add some refreshments. Tuck in a tin of homemade cookies, and maybe a bottle of wine. If you're not the baking type, spring for these gorgeous wedding-themed sugar cookies from Eleni's, or just add some individually wrapped snack cakes.

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    Lottery Ticket $50,000
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    Since you won't be there to play games with her, tuck in a book of wedding trivia, or book of MadLibs, or a few scratch-off lottery tickets.