The Ultimate Bridal Shower Trivia Game

Have bridal shower guests test their knowledge of the bride and groom

Bride-to-be and bridesmaid friends opening gifts at bridal shower in nail salon
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Naturally, the point of hosting a bridal shower is to support the bride-to-be with good wishes, gifts, a fun time, and the company of her closest family and friends. But why not use it as an opportunity for the guests to have fun too? There's no need for the only activity to be eating cake and watching the bride as she opens up all of her gifts. Instead, organize a bridal shower game or two or three (!) to break the ice among guests that don't know each other well (such as friends of the bride and her family) and you'll give everyone more to talk about after the party than simply the model of blender the bride received at her shower.

Bridal Shower Trivia Game

Challenge your guests to find out how well they know the bride and groom by organizing a trivia game to be played at the shower.

To play this game, you'll need to prepare in advance of the day of the shower. In fact, the sooner you begin to play this game, the better because it will give you time to gather information and prepare questions about the bride and groom.

First, prepare a list of information and fun facts that you know about the bride and groom. Assuming you're the maid-of-honor, you're most likely a close family member or friend and should know many details about the bride. Questions can be about facts dating back to her childhood as well as recent years. Sometimes the childhood questions are the most entertaining because some guests don't have that much history with the bride or groom. In addition, small childhood embarrassments are not nearly as awkward to reveal as adult facts. If you are going to reveal potentially embarrassing information, however, think very carefully about whether the bride will be amused or upset. It's her day and this shouldn't be a roast. It should simply be a fun sharing of information.

Once you have listed all of the information you know, consult with other members of the bridal party to add additional information to your trivia questions. After that, you might want to consult with the bride and groom's parents for further information. Try not to get all of your questions from one source since that person would be the automatic winner!

The next step will be to prepare the question list you'll distribute at the shower. Make enough copies for your guests, and bring along plenty of sharp pencils. You might want to distribute the questionnaires and pencils when guests first arrive at the shower and give them a time limit for completion. Alternatively, you can pass around the questionnaire once the bride begins to open her gifts so that guests have something to do in addition to watching the bride.

Finally, once everyone has completed their questionnaire, stand in front of the room and read each question, asking the group to call out the answers. Each person can score their own, and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Possible Questions

  • What was the name of the bride's grade school?
  • What was the name of the groom's grade school?
  • What was the name of the bride's favorite pet?
  • What was the name of the groom's favorite pet?
  • Did the bride have a nickname as a child and, if so, what was it?
  • Did the groom have a nickname as a child and, if so, what was it?
  • Where did the bride and groom first meet?
  • What's the bride's favorite food?
  • What's the groom's favorite food?
  • What's the bride's favorite color?
  • What's the groom's favorite color?
  • What pet name does the bride have for the groom?
  • What pet name does the groom call the bride?
  • What was the bride's first job?
  • What was the groom's first job?
  • Where is the couple going on their honeymoon?
  • Where did the couple go on their first date?
  • What is the couple's favorite restaurant?
  • What was the bride's first car?
  • What was the groom's first car?
  • What was the bride's major in college?
  • What did the groom major in college?
  • As a little girl, what did the bride want to be when she grew up?
  • As a little boy, what did the groom want to be when he grew up?