Bring Bright Hues Home With a Colorful Bookcase

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    Colorful Bookcases

    Bring Bright Hues Home With A Colorful Bookcase
    Pop Sugar

    Sometimes a little bit of color can go a long way, and the same is true for a very colorful piece of furniture. Chairs, sofas, drapery - there are all great places to begin a room's color story. But, have you ever thought about bringing home a colorful bookcase? You can paint, emboss, upholster, or even stain a bookcase in your favorite shade for a large color splash in your home. Here are our favorite bookcases that are sure to bring a strong dose of color home.

    The majority of people love the color blue. It's a calming and serene shade that goes well with just about anything. Here, this peacock blue bookshelf is a great color accessory in this living room's decor. 

    Colorful bookshelves can be amazing statement pieces. Done the right way, they may offer all the color a room needs to brighten up the space. Here, bright blue floor-to-ceiling shelving accents the height in this room and the cool architectural details. The bright shade also makes this collection of books a stunning modern feature in this classic interior

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    Purple Bookcase

    Is purple your favorite shade? If so, then why not envelope your bookcase in it? Interior designer Lindsey Coral Harper has done these stunning built-ins justice by painting them in a very bright raspberry shade. The high-gloss paint also adds to the color drama going on this room, making this shade of purple absolutely shine. 

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    Purple Bookcase

    Colorful furnishings can be used to alter or complement the feel of a space. And the best colorful bookshelves can be a great backdrop to your room's decor.  Here, a matte purple shelving unit fits right in with the rustic decor in this living room. The hue is a little flat, making it feel casual and relaxed. 

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    Green Bookcase

    Have a favorite chair or textile? Paint your bookcase to be the perfect match. This color-blocked room is stunning in layered shades of green that start with the bookcase and extend to the chair. You can literally match the color of any piece you have at home to paint your bookcase in. Just bring a swatch of your favorite color to your local paint store to mix a custom shade. 

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    Green Bookcase

    You can extend a design concept in your interior with a colorful bookcase. The large windows in this space are meant to bring the outdoors in. The shades of the trees are extended in this interior through this large-scale grassy green bookcase. The vibrant shade will keep that springtime feel going all year long. 

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    Yellow Bookcase

    Yellow is the ultimate smile-inducing shade, so why not bring sunshine home all year long with a yellow bookcase. It's the perfect color splash in this neutral living area. 

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    Yellow Bookcase

    A colorful bookcase can also be a great architectural detail in your home. The color of this built-in bookcase extends into the hallway. It's a great way to make a colorful statement.