16 Beautiful Breezeways to Inspire You

classic breezeway with flower pots

John Gruen for Hendricks Churchill

If you're lucky enough to have a home with a breezeway, you know just how special this feature can be, but if you're at a loss for how to style this space, don't fear! Breezeways—whether traditional or enclosed—look beautiful when they're decorated with seating, plants, and other accents. They're also wonderful when kept simpler, allowing architectural elements such as stylized windows, wood and metal beams, and stone structures to really shine through. No matter if your home is a resort-like spot on the beach, a modern structure in the city, or something entirely different, you'll be able to find inspiration from the following 16 breezeways we've gathered below.

What Is a Breezeway?

A breezeway is a transitional space within the home that is traditionally kept open, allowing easy passage from one part of the house to another, usually sheltered from the elements. Some breezeways are kept enclosed and serve as makeshift mudrooms or sitting rooms. Breezeways greatly enhance the architecture of a home and can serve as key interior and exterior focal points.

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    Clean Contrast

    farmhouse breezeway with red barn doors

    Darren Setlow for Cathy Purple Cherry

    This breezeway by Cathy Purple Cherry is defined by white framing that provides a clean contrast to the stone structure to the right. The glass windows on either end of the breezeway provide a stunning view to the mountain scene in the distance.

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    Form and Function

    breezeway with storage

    Emily Gilbert for Colleen Simonds

    Exposed beams shine in this enclosed breezeway by Colleen Simonds. The architectural feature pairs wonderfully with a shiplap ceiling. If you're in need of some extra storage space, why not set up your breezeway so that it's also serving the function of a mudroom? This one allows space for the whole family to get ready for and unpack from the day. The white wall in the background provides a feeling of space and perspective, while full plants prevent the area from feeling too stark.

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    Farmhouse Features

    farmhouse style breezeway

    Travis J. Photography

    This enclosed breezeway by House of Jade features many farmhouse style elements, including shiplap walls, wooden benches, and even hooks to hang hats after long days outside. Farmhouse and industrial style often overlap to some degree, and we see this illustrated here in the form of the metal pendant lamp hung in the space.

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    Bookish Beauty

    breezeway with bookshelves

    Aaron Leitz for Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

    Have too many books to display in the living room or study? Go ahead and create a display in the breezeway! This enclosed breezeway by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer features a lovely library inside. The shelves of books are both practical (storage possibilities!) but also add charm and character to any home, making them a winning touch here. Doors give the space flexibility to be enjoyed regardless of rain or shine (and encourage guests to enjoy a good read outdoors).

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    Stylish Entry

    breezeway with potted trees

    Stoffer Photography for Grand Tradition Homes

    This breezeway by Grand Tradition Homes is flanked with two subtle barn doors and kept nice and simple inside. Potted trees outside make for the perfect finishing touch, welcoming visitors in style—a true touch of natural elegance.

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    Sweet Seating

    breezeway with seating area inside

    Jean Allsopp for Paul Geary

    Designed by Paul Geary and styled by Lynn Nesmith, this enclosed breezeway features a cozy seating area inside—ideal for sipping a morning cup of coffee or winding down with a cocktail in the evening. A small console table placed in the middle of the two chairs can function as a makeshift bar cart but looks equally lovely outfitted with plants and decorative accents.

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    Best of Both Worlds

    tropical breezeway

    Lifestyle Production Group for Choeff Levy Fischman

    This tropical breezeway by Choeff Levy Fischman truly merges indoors and out. The unique design features beachy elements with submerged pools of water as well as beautiful stones for a luxurious, faraway look. Palm trees bring the island atmosphere home to enjoy year round. Faux plants would look just as gorgeous if you can't swing the real thing.

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    Stunning Stone

    breezeway with stone walls

    Anice Hoachlander for BarnesVanze Architects

    Bring cottage style into your home with an enclosed breezeway like this one by Tracy Morris and Barnes Vanze Architects. The stone walls provide a classic touch and introduce texture and color to the space, requiring no additional decoration. Sometimes, keeping it simple is the answer.

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    The Bolder the Better

    vibrant wallpaper breezeway

    Stacy Zarin Goldberg for Kelley Proxmire

    If you're a color lover, why not outfit your enclosed breezeway in vibrant wallpaper like Kelley Proxmire did in this space? Choose a fun, cheerful pattern that speaks to you and you'll feel a burst of positivity every time you pass through. A seating area and round table makes it easy to set down belongings and get cozy.

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    Amazing Arch

    classic breezeway with flower pots

    John Gruen for Hendricks Churchill

    This classic breezeway by Hendricks Churchill is flanked by gorgeous flower pots, which can be updated seasonally with new plants. The curved ceiling provides architectural interest and serves as a focal point and counters the home's angularity.

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    Majorly Mod

    breezeway modern glass windows

    Dror Baldinger for LaRue Architects and Britt Design Group

    The breezeway in this Austin, TX, residence by LaRue Architects and Britt Design Group features a wood clad ceiling that protects the space from sun and other elements. Part of a modern style home, the breezeway is simple and pays a nod to industrial style due to its structural materials.

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    Pretty Pathway

    breezeway with furniture

    Mark Stumer

    The breezeway attached to this sunlit, contemporary home by Mojo Stumer serves as a stylish transition to a small living space that is filled with plenty of seating, a small kitchenette area, and even a television, making it the ultimate spot to pass through or sit back and hang out.

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    So Serene

    breezeway filled with natural elements

    Will Edwards for Brandon Architects

    This breezeway by Brandon Architects creates a truly serene and natural entryway to the indoors. The clean white floor is balanced by murals of colorful greenery that add an artistic touch to this stately property.

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    To The Ocean

    waterfront breezeway

    Manolo Langis for Brandon Architects

    Providing an expansive view of the oceanfront beyond, this breezeway by Brandon Architects features a stone wall that grounds the space while adding texture and warmth to a cool scene.

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    Lots of Light

    breezeway with wooden beams

    Manolo Langis for Brandon Architects

    This dynamic space by Brandon Architects provides a creative interplay between light and shadow. Little additional decor is needed here, given the role the natural sunlight plays in creating an ever-changing, movable display.

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    Sunny Days

    sunlit breezeway

    Manolo Langis for Brandon Architects

    Light dances on the oversized windows of this sun-filled walkway by Brandon Architects. The rectangular design of the floor and windows unite the clean and open space while greenery softens the metal, stone, and wood.