Top 12 Ikea Hacks for Play Rooms, Nurseries, and Kids' Rooms

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    Get More for Less

    Ikea's sign towering over one of its stores full of Scandinavian-inspired designs
    Gary Hershorn / Contributor / Getty Images

    Ikea is a modern wonder. Sure, you can lose a whole day in that place, and furniture assembly is challenging, but when it comes to getting high-style for low cost, it’s pretty darn hard to beat.

    Whether you’re decorating on a budget or just love a good DIY, these stylish and affordable Ikea hacks for nurseries and kids’ rooms are guaranteed to please.

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    Bookshelf Turned Storage Bench

    This tutorial to transform a bookshelf into seating requires no sewing! Turn a ​​Kallax shelving unit that costs about $50 into a beautifully personalized nursery bench with built-in ​storage for toys or clothes.​

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    Posh Upholstered Rocker Hack

    Elegant wingback rockers are a chic and comfortable alternative to a traditional nursery glider, but the price tag - usually around $1,000 - will hit you hard. Looking for a more reasonable option? See how one ambitious DIYer turned an inexpensive Ikea chair into a $335 dream rocker

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    Fresh Print Poang Chair

    DIY Poang chair cover

    Available in both a rocker and stationary chair, Ikea's budget-friendly Poang is a popular choice for the nursery. Want to make it customize it? Learn how to create your own slipcover with ​​this detailed tutorial.

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    DIY Drawing Table

    Create your own charming art table, complete with chalkboards, drawing roll, and art supplies, using Ikea's wallet-conscious Latt table and chair set for toddlers.

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    Upholstered Upgrade

    Ikea Latt chair with a DIY upholstery upgrade
    All About Ami

    Keep those sweet little cheeks happy with ​this padded seat upgrade for the Latt chair.

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    Money-Saving Gallery Wall

    Gallery walls are a great way to personalize your nursery, but at around $5 to $10 a pop, those individual picture frames start to add up. Need a money-saving alternative? Learn how to repurpose Ikea Malma mirrors as $2 picture frames!

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    Spice Rack Bookshelves

    DIY book rail hack made using $5 spice racks from Ikea
    Impressions by Jani

    These low-profile, space-saving bookshelves are actually painted ​​spice racks from Ikea's Bekvam collection. Think that’s unbelievable? Try the price: just $5 each! 

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    Changing Table Storage Rail

    Ikea's Fintorp storage rack being used for diaper storage
    XO Jordan

    Originally intended to keep spices and cooking utensils close at hand in the kitchen, the Fintorp storage rail also makes for a handy changing table storage system. Simply choose the accessories that work for you! 

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    Rolling Retro Diaper Caddy

    Ikea’s versatile Raskog utility cart, painted in cheery turquoise, makes for the perfect rollaway diaper caddy. Stuff it full of changing table essentials, and wheel it to wherever the action is!

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    DIY Co-Sleeper

    Letting baby bunk in? Using Ikea’s simple and affordable Sniglar crib, recreate this sweet crib with a detailed co-sleeper tutorial that comes with important safety instructions. There are tons of options for crib bedding that match your own sheets.

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    Baby-Friendly Bunk

    Short on space? One urban mother of three made room for her fourth child by transforming her sons' Mydal bed frame into a baby-friendly bunk bed.

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    Amazing Kura Bed Hacks

    Looking for more ideas? You won't believe the possible budget-savvy parenting hacks with Ikea’s basic Kura bed frame!