6 Brilliant Wreath Storage Ideas You’ll Want to Borrow ASAP

Wreath hanging on a door

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There’s nothing like a festive wreath on the front door to help your home feel warm and inviting. Seasonal wreaths—for any season, not just the holidays!—are one of the simplest and best ways to add a decorative touch and some cheer to your home, but storing them so they don’t get damaged or dirty in the off-season can be a challenge. (You don't want to store wreaths the same way you'd store Christmas ornaments or holiday table linens, that's for sure.) We’ve got you covered with these six clever wreath storage ideas that will keep your door decor safe and ready to use again next season.

Before putting the wreaths away, make sure to get any dust, dirt, or moisture off using a clean microfiber towel. If the wreaths are fully artificial and could use a little extra cleaning this time around, wash dirt and grime off with warm water, then let them air dry completely before storing them away.

Read to store your wreaths? Read on for six smart wreath storage ideas you can use year after year.

Hang Them on the Wall

If you have wall space in your basement, garage, or closet, hanging up your wreaths using hooks or nails is a great space-saving way to store them. To protect them from collecting dust (after all, you don’t want actual cobwebs on your Halloween wreath), you can either place them in clear wreath bags that already have handles for easy hanging or simply use clear plastic bags that are large enough to accommodate them. This storage method means that the wreaths are visible and easily accessible, making the annual seasonal decor switch a breeze every time!

Use a Plastic Wreath Box

A hard-plastic wreath box is a good way to ensure that your wreaths are safe and not collecting dust or getting squashed when they're not in use. Besides being a durable storage option that will last for years to come, these boxes are stackable and can lay flat but also have handles, giving you the option of hanging them up. Arrange them on a shelf, hide them under the bed, or hang them up on the wall; the possibilities are endless. This type of box is super sturdy thanks to the hard-plastic material, which also makes it a great option to consider if you're moving and need a safe way to transport your decor.

Hang Them on a Rod

If you’re tight on storage space and don’t want to invest in wreath boxes or bags, regular clothes hangers and a clothing rod are an easy and inexpensive way to store your wreaths. It's also a good way to store any particularly delicate wreaths, since you know they won't get squashed by any cover or lid. Simply tie a ribbon or piece of string onto the back of a wreath, loop it over the top of the hanger, and hang it up in your closet. (If your closet is full, you can also hand a clothing rod in your basement, garage, or other storage spot.) If you’re short on hangers, simply hang a wreath on either side of the hanger to maximize space. Alternately, you can use strong bendable or rubber-coated wire to form an S-shaped hanger and use that to hold each wreath on the rack.

Place Them in Fabric Wreath Bags

Fabric wreath bags are more flexible than hard-plastic boxes and often come with multiple compartments to store more than one wreath. These zippered bags have handles that make them easy to carry or hang up, and they either have clear tops or a label pocket so you can easily identify which wreath is inside. No need to rummage through five bags of Christmas decor just to find the Easter wreath you were looking for!

Utilize a Rolling Rack

If your closet is too small and you're tight on wall space in the basement or garage, a rolling rack is an effective alternative. Some come with two rods, giving you double the storage, and the wheels make it easy to move around your home instead of having to carry around a bunch of boxes. Hang wreaths up the same way you would in a closet, using hangers and covering them with plastic bags if necessary.

Use Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are a great way to not only store but also ship and gift wreaths. You can purchase boxes that fit a single wreath or larger ones that will hold multiple, in which case it's a good idea to use tissue paper to layer between the wreaths to protect them. The boxes are lightweight and stackable, and if you're looking for a plastic-free storage solution, this is a good eco-friendly option.