5 Ways To Bring The Moody Floral Trend Home

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    Ellie Cashman Floral Wallpaper. Ellie Cashman

    Dark, moody flowers are having a design moment right now. Big, beautiful blooms in shades of black, berry, deep blue and red can be spotted on your favorite furnishings and accessories for the home. From the wallpaper on the walls to seating upholstered in these bold patterns, a deep mood is in, and we want to help you bring it home. Here are 5 ways to bring this trend into your own interior.

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    Ellie Cashman Floral Wallpaper. Ellie Cashman

    Start with the walls. Floral wallpaper by designer Ellie Cashman has ushered in the dark and moody trend for the walls. Cashman's bold wallpaper designs stand out in any interior, making it a favorite for designers looking to create statement walls. Cover one wall or an entire room in Cashman's designs to usher in this saturated style. 

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    A Pop of Blue. Lorenzo Castillo

    When decorating with a strong floral element, look for furnishings that have a depth to them, like this sofa in white and navy blue. The classic color combination complements this refined interior, adding to its sophisticated air. 

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    Shocks of Color. The Rug Company

    One of the best ways to lay the groundwork for this dark and moody trend in your home is with a stunning floral rug. The Rug Company has quite a beautiful selection. To really make this pattern pop, look for rugs in deep tones, like this one in black and raspberry. 

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    Bold Print. Vivienne Westwood/The Rug Company

    Think beyond black when bringing dark florals home. Here, it's the green leaves and cream flowers that make the strongest statement in this rug designed by Vivienne Westwood. Discover dark floral elements that can be repeated in a room, like the green foliage wallpaper on the walls. Bringing a variety of dark, floral patterns together will create a complete look. 

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    Watercolor. The Design Files

    A cozy bedroom is a perfect place to bring dark florals home. Look for bedding in deep hues like cobalt blue and red to set the stage for an intimate bedroom design. 

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    Elevating the Dark. The Design Files

    Remember that dark florals look best when surrounded by grounded shades like black and navy blue. This allows jewel tones, like those found in this bedding, to absolutely shine. 

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    Side Chairs

    Dark & Delicate. Elle Decor

    Dining chairs and side chairs are the perfect stage for small doses of moody florals. Upholster your favorite seating in a couple of yards of your favorite textile for maximum impact. 

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    Side Chairs

    Statement Chair. Morris & Co.

    Or take things a step further, and cover an entire side chair in a deep, patterned fabric. In a spare or neutral room, it will shine like an absolute gem.