Broil Mate 13714 Gas Grill - Discontinued

Broil Mate 13714 Gas Grill
Broil Mate 13714 Gas Grill. Onward Manufacturing Company

The Bottom Line

This Broil-Mate gas grill is a classic. A classic in the sense that it is built they way most gas grills were 20 to 30 years ago. The H-type burner is divided to give you two cooking zones under a porcelain coated wire cooking grate. This grill is simple and that is what makes it a good value. Without all the extras the money paid for this grill goes into making it better, not fancy.

The 40,000 BTUs produce a great heat under 330 square inches of cooking area. This is a high BTU to square inch ratio. So what you get is a basic grill that grills. Isn't that what you are actually looking for?

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  • High even heat output from 40,000 BTUs
  • Linear flow control values give you great control
  • Great grill for the price


  • Primitive Design
  • Limited function grill
  • Thin cast aluminum body


  • 40,000 BTU Dual-H stainless steel main burner (Dual Control)
  • 330 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 580 square inches
  • Porcelain-coated wire cooking grate
  • Porcelain coated "Flav-R-Wave" vaporization barrier
  • Linear control valves provide a high level of burner control
  • Rotary ignition
  • Quick and Easy Assembly
  • Zinc Coated Epoxy finish on the frame and body parts
  • Made in China by Onward Manufacturing Company

Guide Review - Broil Mate 13714 Grill

This model has been discontinued.

Not the most modern looking of grills but with the high heat capability of this grill and the wide range of heat control that the linear flow valves give you this grill is great at grilling. The porcelain coated vaporization barriers are built to last and the durable construction and high quality stainless steel dual burner will make this grill last a long time.

The cooking grate isn't the best, but at this price you are not going to get a lot. At 40,000 BTUs this grill has a lot of power for its 330 square inches of primary cooking area. This grill has the same grilling characteristics of the more expensive Broil King grills but without all the accessories. If you are looking for a basic grill with lots of space that will last and provide great grilling then you really should look at this model. The warranty on this grill is also great and Broil Mate (a division of Onward Manufacturing) has a great reputation for service. Made in Canada this grill is typically available through specialty retailers. Cast aluminum body is durable and should hold its appearance for many years if you keep it clean and keep it covered. Standard cart configuration with two side tables. What this grill delivers is great grilling abilities at a reasonable price (around $250USD).

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