Is a Broken Crystal Considered Bad Feng Shui?

Woman holding pink crystals
 Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Feng shui crystals are used to bring harmonious earth energy into one's home or office. They are beautiful and easy to obtain and care for, which makes them a very popular feng shui cure.

What to Do With It?

However, when it comes to a broken crystal, the feng shui rule will be the same as to anything that is broken. You either fix it or let it go. 

Use your own judgment depending on the severity of the damage to your feng shui crystal. If there is little damage, it might be ok to leave it as it is. Some people use glue to put the broken pieces of the crystal together, while some decide to discard the crystal.

If you decide it is best to let the crystal go, the most beautiful and respectful way to return the crystal back to earth is to bury the crystal in the soil. You can do that in the park, in the forest, in your own garden, or even in the soil of your favorite potted plant.

Is It Bad Feng Shui?

A broken crystal isn't necessarily bad feng shui. The crystal still keeps its energy for the most part, but because we are visual creatures, we tend to be nourished by elements that we consider beautiful and serene. Consequently, a broken piece might evoke different feelings in you.

So, the bottom line is this: if you love it and aren't bothered by the broken crystal's appearance, you can still use it as a feng shui cure.

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