Brown Bedroom Decorating Ideas

It’s the color of rich soil, tree bark, and chocolate. It conveys a feeling of stability, comfort, and wholesomeness. It’s a versatile neutral that can fade into the background to support more intense colors, or stand strong on its own. Brown is one of the easiest colors to decorate with, and yet—or perhaps because of this—it’s sometimes considered boring or overly safe. However, as these eight bedrooms prove, there’s nothing boring about brown when it’s done right.

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    Brown Bedrooms Done Right

    Glamorous Brown Bedroom.
    Shutter Worx/Getty Images

    Think brown can’t be elegant, even a bit glamorous? Think again. This bedroom shows how it’s done, with a palette of taupe, rich chocolate brown, and cream. The key is the satiny bedding, the full-length—yet sheer—drapes, the piles of throw pillows with the solitary touch of purple, and the simple, traditional lines of the furniture.  

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    Brown's Romantic Side

    Romantic Brown Bedroom with Stencils.
    Cutting Edge Stencils

    Here, brown shows off its romantic side. The secret to this wonderfully romantic, yet still cozy bedroom is the use of light and medium tones of grayish brown, not dark or bold color. But it’s the texture that sets the mood: the satiny upholstered headboard, the fur bedspread, the velvet throw pillows, and the crystal chandelier and wall sconce. The wall stencils add a little something extra—if you’d like to create the look yourself, you’ll find the stencils at Cutting Edge Stencils.

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    Contemporary Brown

    Contemporary Brown Bedroom.

    While black and gray are often found on the contemporary bedroom’s palette, brown is an excellent alternative, particularly in a bedroom with midcentury style, as in the room featured here. The interesting headboard, shaggy area rugs, saucer chair, and abstract painting add up to a wonderfully retro—yet completely contemporary—bedroom. Although there is really no color in this neutral space, the varied textures and interesting lines keep it fresh and inviting.

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    Metallic Accents

    Gold headboard and side tables in brown bedroom.
    Modern Masters

    Want to add some strong spice to your brown bedroom? Go metallic. Because brown is earthy and calm, it’s the perfect foil for a dramatic accent like the metallic gold shown here. So much metal against another color might look brash or tacky, but brown keeps this lovely bedroom from going overboard. The warmth of brown is complemented best by equally warm gold, bronze, or copper.

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    Touch of Drama

    Gorgeous brown bedroom.

    While brown is normally relaxed and soothing, with the right accents, it becomes the perfect backdrop for dramatic style: case in point—the bedroom shown here. The dark gray walls, retro recliner, and art deco furniture have plenty of style, but it’s the striped fireplace, the super-bold pink floral wall art, the shaggy area rug, and the matched topiaries next to the fireplace that really set this bedroom apart. That’s the beauty of decorating with a neutral like brown—you can use very dramatic accents without fear of excess. 

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    Bright Accents

    Brown and pink bedroom.
    Martha O'Hara Interiors

    If you want to give your brown bedroom a playful side, it’s easy to do—just add a few touches of your favorite bright color. Here it’s pink, but any bright would work just as well. You don’t need to add a lot of colors—a cheerful throw blanket, a toss pillow or two, and a vase of pretty flowers are all it took to give this tiny bedroom a big spark of style. 

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    Animal Prints

    Bedroom with zebra bench and four-poster bed.

    Nature loves brown, so if you love nature, why not bring a taste of the wild into your bedroom with a touch of animal print? Whether you choose leopard, tiger, zebra, giraffe or cow skin, one or two animal accents are just enough impact to wake up a traditional bedroom. The room shown here is beautifully decorated in British Colonial style, but it’s the zebra bench and cow skin rug that really make the space pop.

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    Brown Relaxes

    Peaceful brown bedroom.

    Because brown is so soothing and tied to nature, it’s a great choice if you want a tranquil retreat from all the hubbub the world throws your way. For the most peaceful vibe, look to soft shades of brown as shown here. Simple lines, a minimum of clutter, and plenty of texture give this room just enough contrast, yet it’s that same simplicity—along with the peaceful palette—that makes it so inviting and serene.