12 Incredible Brown Bedroom Color Combinations

Sheik master bedroom in modern home.

jim kruger / E+ / Getty Images

Brown is an excellent color for bedrooms—especially since it is one of the most popular neutral options. It comes in a wide range of tones that work well with cool colors like baby blues, violet, and green, as well as warmer hues such as yelloworange, and red. Regardless of the style or decor preference, you can find a shade of brown that won't disappoint you. Here are some fantastic photos, ideas, and brown color combinations to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

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    Brown and Gray

    brown and gray modern bedroom

    Charlie Interior Design

    Brown and gray form one of the most common foundations of minimalist palettes–especially the lighter shades. Incorporating muted grays and sandy browns, like in this room here from Charlie Interior Design, forms a calm, cohesive, and neutral paradise. Typically, using tones like this exclusively can run the risk of appearing dull, but by using a patterned wallpaper as an accent wall, the space doesn't feel washed out.

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    Brown and Blue

    Blue and brown teen bedroom

    Anne Rue Interiors

    Brown and blue is an excellent color combination to use in a bedroom, such as this one designed by Anne Rue Interiors. There are many different options for incorporating blue and brown together. Pastel blues with dark and soft brown hues create a subtle and popular color combination, while dark blues with brown tend to be more bold and lively, as seen in bedrooms for children and teens.

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    Brown and Purple

    Brown and purple contemporary bedroom

    Mary Patton Design

    Purple and brown can cover a wide range of design inspiration, depending on what you're looking for. While deep purples and chocolate browns can express power and security, paler options like lilac and tan can create a tranquil atmosphere, like this primary room from Mary Patton Design. This is an excellent choice if you want a sophisticated yet down-to-earth vibe when you're trying to relax.

    About this Term: Primary Bedroom

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    Brown and Turquoise

    Brown and Turquoise eclectic bedroom

    Dazey Den

    Looking for something unconventional and a bit playful? Turquoise and brown make a dynamic, eye-catching pair. They can be used in a variety of styles: eclectic, southwestern, bohemian, and more. A wonderful option is to pair a lighter brown with a saturated blue-green tone, the way Dazey Den did with this space. The long-stem flower pattern wallpaper highlights both colors without overpowering each other. Adding touches of white can also help both colors pop–the result is both whimsical and delightful.

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    Brown and White

    brown and white farmhouse bedroom

    Becca Interiors

    Brown and white is a lovely color duo that creates a cozy and romantic bedroom. Whether you decide to paint your walls white and use lighter brown accents–like this lovely bedroom designed by Becca Interiors —or the other way around, you’ll always end up with a pleasing and dynamic color scheme.

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    Brown and Pink

    Brown and pink bedroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Brown and pink create a perfect balance of delicate and grounded–more than suitable for a bedroom. The detailed pink and white wallpaper in this room by Erin Williamson Design is a cheerful sight, but the chocolate brown in the pillows and the tan wicker furniture do a great job keeping the room down-to-earth. While this combination would work well in a nursery or child's room, adding some metallic or dark green accents can add sophistication suited for any age.

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    Brown and Black

    brown and black modern bedroom with large plant, various style pillows, eclectic rug

    Alvin Wayne

    Brown and black may both be neutrals, but they certainly make a statement together. If you want a modern, sleek aesthetic, combining these two colors is a great way to achieve that goal. The key is to mix various textures as Alvin Wayne did in this eclectic bedroom with the wicker headboard, the different pillows, and the polka dot bedspread. If you layer the room with texture, it will keep the space from looking flat, dull, and dark.

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    Brown and Green

    Contemporary Bedroom by Modern Organic Interiors
    Modern Organic Interiors

    Brown paired with green is another wonderful color idea for bedrooms. This combination is vibrant, but if done correctly, it can be a lovely color idea. Bright green wallpaper partnered with dark chocolate furniture and accents—like this fun, trendy bedroom designed by Modern Organic Interiors—is a bold color combination that works well. Also, adding a few key pieces like the white headboard, bedding, and metallic furniture balances out the design.

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    Brown, Blue, and Yellow

    Blue, brown and yellow room
    Cathy Hobbs

    Using brown as an accent color is a customary solution to adding balance in a bedroom. An excellent example of this technique is in this fun, modern bedroom designed by Cathy Hobbs, who used a pale blue paired with yellow accents and different shades of brown to create harmony in this sea of colors, patterns, and textures.

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    Brown and Red

    brown and red bohemian bedroom

    Mocha Girl Place

    A brown and red combination is an ideal setup for southwestern or a boho motif. This bedroom from Mocha Girl Place radiates a warm, inviting atmosphere thanks to tan headboards and rust-colored pillows–and adding a plant doesn't hurt. These two go well together if you prefer a warmer color scheme, especially if you add in orange and yellow tones to add dimension.

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    Brown, Green, and Orange

    Brown, green, and orange bedroom with artwork on the wall
    Geoffrey Hodgdon / FORMA Design, Inc.

    Soft shades of brown—also referred to as beige, taupe, or coffee—are another color alternative for your bedroom. These soft browns partnered with greens and oranges can create a unique and simple design solution, such as this sleek bedroom designed by FORMA Design, Inc., who used a relaxing color scheme with many modern and contemporary touches.

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    Brown With Yellow Accents

    Contemporary Bedroom by Urrutia Designs and Photo by Matt Sartain Photography
    Matt Sartain Photography

    Combining brown and yellow together is a bit tricky because these two shades usually do not mesh well together. If you want to add yellow to your brown color scheme, the best solution is to add subtle accents here and there, like this eclectic bedroom designed by Urrutia Design.