22 Brown Living Rooms Ideas for the Perfect Neutral Space

brown living room ideas

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Having a central color (or two) can help anchor a living room and make it feel put-together. When considering living room color, popular ones like blue, green, and gray can come to mind—but what about brown? Though it may seem like an odd color pick for the living room, brown can bring rich color, elegance and coziness to any space. Keep reading for 22 of our favorite brown living room ideas.

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    Start With Accesories

    brown living room ideas accessories

    Amy Bartlam Photography

    To bring brown into the living room, start with adding brown accents like baskets, wicker poufs, and throw pillows. These items will create the color scheme you're looking for without having to splurge on any brown statement pieces (or do any painting).

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    Turn It Into a Library

    brown living room ideas library

    Amy Bartlam Photography

    There's no doubt about it—brown living rooms can bring in a serious library feel. Richly-toned leather plus deep oaks, walnuts, and maples create a space that feels just as at-home being filled by books as it is filled by people.

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    Try Light Brown

    brown living room ideas light

    Amy Bartlam Photography

    Looking for something more neutral in your living room? Try sticking with a light brown that borders on beige. Lighter shades of brown pair more easily with other colors, and they're less attention-grabbing than a darker or bolder shade.

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    Add Houseplants

    houseplants brown living room ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    If you want to ensure your brown living room still feels lively and dynamic, add a few houseplants in lush greens and yellows to your space.

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    Bring in Leather

    brown living room ideas leather

    Sarah Fultz Interiors

    One of the easiest ways to add brown to the living room is through leather. This timeless living room textile casts doubt on anyone who claims that brown is a boring look for the living room. Instead, leather adds complexity, elegance, and plenty of beautiful brown.

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    Add Dried Florals

    brown living room ideas dried florals

    Sarah Fultz Interiors

    Florals, whether they're dried or about-to-bloom, are an easy way to add color and texture to a space. To bring brown into the living room using florals, place some of your favorite dried flowers in a statement vase. For a less-flowery look, use twigs or small branches instead.

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    Try an Accent Chair

    brown living room ideas sidechair

    Sarah Fultz Interiors

    To add a bigger pop of brown than just a few accessories can, add a side chair (or two) in brown. Look for a piece in leather or brown-colored upholstery to add this elegant color to your living room. To make it fit in even more, add a few throw pillows in the same color or fabric as your chairs.

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    Combine Different Shades

    brown living room ideas different shades

    Katie LeClerq

    When adding brown to the living room, don't feel pressured to stick to the same shade of it throughout the space. Instead, mix it up, using different shades of brown in different items, like a light brown throw pillow, a dark leather sofa, and a medium-toned wooden brown coffee table. This will create a more authentic and dynamic color look, and it will keep your living room from feeling too sterile.

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    Consider Color Pairings

    brown living room ideas color pairing

    Katie LeClerq

    When adding any color to a space, what color you pair it with is almost as important as the color itself—and brown is no exception. An easy color pairing for brown is found in other warm colors, like beiges, warm whites, and oranges. Add a few to make your brown living room look even better.

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    Try Texture

    brown living room ideas texture

    Katie LeClerq

    Brown has a reputation for being a boring color—but this doesn't have to be the case. Look for brown pieces with fun or unique textures, like the textured sofa Katie LeClerq added in the living room above.

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    Hang Some Tapestries

    brown living room ideas wall tapestry

    Emily Henderson Design

    Painting adds plenty of color, but painting is no one's favorite chore. Thankfully, with the help of a wall tapestry or two, you can get a similar brown look on your living room walls without having to crack open a can of paint or spend a weekend painting. Hang them above other brown pieces for an especially color-soaked look.

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    Pair Blue and Brown

    blue and brown living room ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    Pair brown and blue as a way to make each color pop in your living room. Consider brown window coverings and chairs alongside blue walls and cabinetry, like the space from Mindy Gayer Design Co. above.

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    Add Mid-Century Style

    brown living room ideas mid century

    Emily Henderson Design

    If you're struggling to decide on a style for your living room, but you know you want it incorporate brown, consider giving mid-century style a try. Mid-century style uses lots of richly-toned wood as a way to preserve the natural look of the wood and as a way to 'bring the outside in'.

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    Add an Oversized Chair

    brown living room ideas oversized chair

    Emily Henderson Design

    For a statement color look that doesn't feel too overpowering, try adding an oversized brown chair to your living room. It will add a clear pop of color without overwhelming any existing colors in your space.

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    Use Logs

    brown living room ideas logs

    Emily Henderson Design

    Another way to use nature to add brown to your living room is with a stack of logs. Stacked logs bring a down-to-earth coziness to the living room and are the perfect reminder of warm winter nights spent by the fire.

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    Don't Forget Wall Paneling

    brown living room ideas wall paneling

    Emily Henderson Design

    It's time to give wall paneling a second chance—after all, the living room above from Emily Henderson Design proves that brown wall paneling can be warm and cozy, rather than dated and busy.

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    Use Accesories and Furniture

    brown living room ideas matching accessories and furniture

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    If you want to ensure that brown is the clear color of choice of your living room, incorporate in accessories as well as in furniture. For example, the living room above from Brexton Cole Interiors uses a brown leather sofa alongside wooden side tables and patterned brown window coverings for a cohesive look.

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    Get Funky

    funky brown living room ideas

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    Just because brown can get a bad reputation for being boring, doesn't mean you can't have fun with it as well. In fact, picking fun statement pieces in brown is a great way to dispel that very idea. Look for funky chairs, uniquely patterned pillows, or interesting lighting in brown hues to add to your living room.

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    Bring Structure

    brown living room ideas structural

    Reena Sotropa Design

    Want to add brown to your living room in a more structural way? Try framing your fireplace or media center with narrow wood paneling, like the space from Reena Sotropa Design above. The narrow wood strips create an eye-catching centerpiece with plenty of rich brown.

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    Pair Brown and Green

    green and brown living room ideas

    Reena Sotropa Design

    Pair green with brown for a living room look that's reminiscent of a lush forest. To get the look, use furniture in these two colors, or paint the space green and add brown accents.

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    Try Reddish-Brown

    reddish brown living room ideas

    Reena Sotropa Design

    Like the look of brown, but not so much that you want to dive headfirst into it? Try adding a reddish-brown to your living room, rather than a true brown. It will give your space an earthy and warm vibe that doesn't feel too out-there either.

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    Try Dark Brown

    dark brown living room ideas

    Mindy Gayer Design Co.

    Dark, nearly-black brown brings elegance and timelessness to your living room. Add a few pieces in this stunning shade to make your space feel all the more grown-up.