13 Brown Living Rooms That Prove It's a Pretty Hue

brown sofa in a living room

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

Whether you're headed to the paint store and want to consider a beautiful brown paint, or you want to accessorize your living space with hints of brown, it's a color that's too often overlooked. While not as trendy as its navy blue or crisp white counterparts, brown is an incredibly versatile color that creates a sense of calm and comfort in any living room

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    Decorating With Brown

    A living room with a brown leather couch

    thebungalowonbennett / Instagram

    One of the most common ways to add brown to your living space is with a beautiful, rich brown leather sofa, like this one from thebungalowonbennett. Brown leather furniture adds a bit of elegance without feeling stuffy or forced. Mix in neutrals such as a jute weave rug and wicker for a simple but inviting color scheme. 

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    Put the Color's Versatility to Work

    Living space with taupe walls

    interior_by_nina / Instagram

    Decorating with different shades of brown, like in this space from interior_by_nina, adds endless visual interest and depth to your room, but even mixing in a brush of espresso brown or deep mahogany can add a sense of richness to any space. Plus, brown pairs well with nearly every other color on the spectrum.

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    Lighter Shades of Brown

    Light brown wall with framed pictures on it

    pentreathandhall / Instagram

    When you think brown, you probably think deep espresso and chocolate hues—but this fireplace from pentreathandhall is just as warm and cozy with a lighter, tan-infused shade of brown. A creamy warm tan is a great choice for rooms without an abundance of natural light. It's a wonderful neutral that still feels calming and peaceful.

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    Decorating With Woods

    Living room with brick and brown walls

    amandamhamman / Instagram

    In many cases, brown can feel rustic and earthy, especially when using deep woods and red brick. We love this living room from amandamhamman that features vintage wood paneling and red-brown brick. It's a large space, which gives you more room to experiment with deeper shades and textures without it feeling dark or uninviting. The accompanying white walls keep the space light and airy.

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    Soft Shades of Brown

    Living room with wood features

    tatiana_home_decor / Instagram

    We love this monochrome room from tatiana_home_decor, featuring different shades of tan and medium brown. It uses a lot of natural wood shades in the furniture and the flooring, and ties the look together with subtle gray and white shades. When mixing neutrals, stick with all cool or all warm colors to maintain a cohesive look.

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    Go Moody

    Living room with an oversized brown couch

    mapleterracehomestead / Instagram

    Many people worry that using too-dark colors can make a space feel dreary and depressing, but moody decor is in. This living space from mapleterracehomestead uses deep navy and browns to create a dramatic, cozy interior that is perfect for settling in with a bowl of popcorn and a movie. If you want to create a moody space, but worry it will overwhelm, add a few hints of pastels to keep the room light.

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    Country Chic

    Living room with light brown accents

    bellwayhometorhead / Instagram

    One of the best ways to use brown in home decor is when decorating with a shabby chic design scheme. This cozy living room from bellwayhometorhead is fairly monochromatic, but introduces varying textures and patterns to keep the look interesting and visually appealing. When using lighter shades of brown, like tans and beiges, mix in patterns to avoid creating a bland feel in your room.

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    Try Red Browns

    Living room with red brown walls

    kloqclocks / Instagram

    The great thing about brown is that it comes in so many different shades and tints. This room from kloqclocks features a reddish-brown hue that is perfect for adding a bit of color to a neutral space. Plus, it gives you direction when adding in accent colors and creating a color scheme, and helps focus the rest of the decor. 

    Look for warm shades of brown with strong undertones and pair with bolder colors for a sense of depth that feels unexpected and inviting. 

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    Eclectic Brown

    Living room with medium brown walls

    agatbry / Instagram

    Eclectic decor is a fun, unique and eye-catching, and using brown as a background can give you even more freedom to mix and match patterns and hues. This cozy corner from agatbry utilizes a warm medium brown paint to help accent the rest of the bolder colors and patterns. 

    While eclectic style doesn't mean anything goes, throwing many traditional decor "rules" out the window helps achieve that worldly, well-traveled vibe we love about the look. 

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    Espresso Brown

    Room with brown walls and lots of art

    ciaraelliot / Instagram

    We adore this living room from ciaraelliott. Not only is it unique and playful, but the rich espresso brown paint plays beautifully with the hints of mustard yellow and the pale pinks throughout the rest of the room.

    A rich chocolatey brown, such as paint colors like Farrow & Ball's Tanner Brown, is a great way to add a richness and elegance to a space while still maintaining a cozy softness. 

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    Brown Color Block

    Living room with brown and yellow paint

    jotunlady / Instagram

    This stunning, elegant space from jotunlady proves just how well brown can play with other colors. While this living space features a color-blocked wall with a gorgeous mustard yellow hue, you can copy this idea with a bold brown accent wall as well. While we typically think of bright, bold colors as the best candidates for an accent wall, a rich brown wall can add a lot of depth to a space.

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    Brown and Olive

    Living room with olive walls and wooden furniture

    eden_outcast / Instagram

    We absolutely adore this space from eden_outcast. Not only does it feature rich brown furniture that catches the eye and grounds the room, but the pairing of olive and brown is one of our favorite color schemes. Olive is an earthy hue that feels cozy, but still very modern. Adding in a bright, crisp white accent like the sofa in this image keeps the deeper hues airy and the space bright.

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    Black and White and Brown

    Living room with brown paint and white couch

    the_good_painter / Instagram

    Love the feel of black and white color schemes but looking for a way to mix it up? Adding a rich brown, as seen in this space from the_good_painter, is a great way to keep the look and feel of a black and white palette while adding additional warmth. We love how well the espresso hue plays off the crisp white and solid black around the room. 

    If you don't want to go through the effort of repainting your whole wall, adding a brown accent wall to a black and white space is another way to mix in some cozy elegance.