Brown Paint Color Ideas

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    Brown Paint Color: Sophisticated and Homey, All At the Same Time

    brown paint colors
    Brown Paint Colors from Valspar Eddie Bauer® Home. © Valspar

    Brown paint color popular? Who would have thought so? Amazing but true: paint manufacturers indicate that alongside such perennial favorites as white and yellow, brown paint colors are hot sellers.

    And why not? Deep browns can have a retro effect, hearkening back to Mad Men-style men's clubs. Or you can lighten up your browns and evoke the feeling a darkening desert.

    Let's look at some of the top features of using brown paint colors in your house...

    Essential Facts

    1. Warmth: Brown conveys a sense of security and home.
    2. Hides Stains: Got kids? Then you'll know how important it is to have an interior paint color that hides stains.
    3. Tradition: Brown colors also create the idea of a traditional home.
    4. "Strong" Neutral: Think all neutral paint colors are the same? Not so. Though brown falls in the neutral category, it's considered a strong neutral that pushes boundaries.
    5. Elegant: Brown paint colors can lend rooms an elegant, sophisticated, and even urbane look.
    6. Best Places: Brown works well in dining rooms, living rooms, dens, and libraries.

    From Valspar Eddie Bauer® Home

    • Bungalow Gold
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    Brown Paint Color: Arts and Crafts, Anyone?

    brown paint colors arts and crafts
    Homey Brown from Valspar Eddie Bauer® Home. © Valspar
    Lend your home a classic Arts and Crafts feel with this brown paint color from Valspar. It contrsts well with the off-white of the wainscot.

    From Valspar Eddie Bauer® Home

    • Burnt Brick
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    Brown Paint Color: Taking it Easy in the Dining Room

    brown dining room color with red tone
    Brown Paint Colors for a Living Room - From Valspar. © Valspar
    Not all brown paint colors have to be hard-hitters. This brown from Valspar has a distinct red tone, reminiscent of red clay earth, to give your dining room a comfortable, family feeling.

    From Valspar

    • Tawny Bluff.
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    Brown Paint Color: Neutral Dining Room With Hints of Brown

    brown dining room in neutral
    Brown Dining Room Paint Color. © Valspar
    One of my personal favorites. This brown paint color is called Lyndhurst Timber and it comes from Valspar. It's about as neutral as browns come, yet without being mousy. Besides, who wants a challenging color for their dining room?

    From Valspar

    • Lyndhurst Timber
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    Brown Paint Color: Earth Colors to Match Stairs and Stone

    earth colors brown paint
    Earthen Brown Paint Color - Valspar. © Valspar
    Three paint colors that are very much rooted to the earth. Light brown is predominant and it matches well with the oak newel post and balusters of the stairs and with the stone wall.


    • Olive Sawdust.
    • Ginger Sugar.
    • Dakota Trail.