Bryan Trandem

Bryan Trandem

Bryan Trandem is a nationally recognized expert on gardening and home improvement. With a career extending more than three decades, he edit, wrote, and directed more than 200 books on DIY gardening, home improvement, and crafts. Bryan is the former Vice President Publisher for the Home Improvement division of Quarto Publishing Group. He remains an avid DIYer and award-winning gardener who continues to write, edit, and do-it-himself at his home in Minneapolis.


  • 30+ years writing about gardening and home improvement
  • Award-winning Master Gardener and DIY consultant


Bryan Trandem has more than 40 years of experience as an active DIYer, and more than 30 years writing and editing about gardening and home improvement subjects. He is an award-winning Master Gardener and the former Vice President Publisher for the Home Improvement division of Quarto Publishing Group. He now writes and edits for many book publishers, online DIY publishers, and serves as a consultant for DIY magazines and product manufacturers.

Much of Bryan's personal expertise is of the hard-earned kind—attempting, then reattempting and perfecting projects that less obsessed homeowners would have hired professionals to do. This has given him the unique ability to understand and explain complex DIY processes to consumers.


Bryan received a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, is a graduated Master Gardener from the university's Extension program, and earned an M.A. in coursework for Creative Writing.

Expertise: Gardening, Landscaping, Home Improvement, Crafts, DIY
Education: University of Minnesota
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Title: Master Gardener and Home Improvement Expert

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