Budget Decorating Ideas for Your Guest Bathroom

Decorated guest bathroom with light-filled window, round mirror and teal colored bathroom cabinet

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

Bathroom decorating ideas can be a challenge when you're on a budget. Guest bathrooms are usually multifunctional rooms but often need a welcoming aspect. Apart from being treated as just another bathroom in the house, they have a tendency to become storage areas for items that do not fit in other areas. Unfortunately, guest bathrooms easily become cluttered and are neglected in terms of decor. While it’s okay when you are living in the house and not using the space, it’s of utmost importance to treat it right when your property is on the market.

That’s why we point you to some bathroom decorating ideas for your guest bath that will help you make a huge impact when selling your home. And yes, they are budget-friendly too!

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    Off-White Palette

    Guest bathroom with rounded mirror with cream-colored marble wall tiles and off-white walls

    The Spruce / Michelle Becker

    If your guest bath is really tiny, consider decorating it with a white and off-white palette. Not only will it help to create a calming effect but will also create an illusion of space. Moreover, you will be surprised what a new coat of paint can do to upgrade the look. Also, go big with the mirror over the bathroom’s vanity. If you already have a mirror installed, consider framing it out with some inexpensive molding painted is a shade that compliments the space. Installing a small no-fog bath mirror to the shower area is also a great way to decorate on a budget. Mirrors are a great way to make a small bathroom look larger.

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    Add New Hardware and Wall Decor

    Guest bathroom with a teal cabinet and wooden cabinet door knobs for hardware holding toilet paper and houseplant

    The Spruce / Michelle Becker

    When it comes to bathroom wall decor, don’t be afraid to go big. If space allows, an extra-large piece of artwork or an oversized flea market find can really help balance bare walls. You can also create a focal point with multiples of a single patterned item. A grouping of three to five pieces can make a big impact and is visually stimulating for a smaller bath. Another interesting way to decorate walls in the guest bath is by hanging framed inspirational quotes. Simply print and showcase them in a black and white stock picture frames.

    Nothing dresses up the room like shiny, new hardware, and there is a lot of it in the bathroom including sink faucets, cabinet knobs, towel bars, and toilet flush handles. Set aside part of your budget to upgrade these items. Only for a few dollars you can update to a sleek style in burnished bronze or brushed chrome and give your guest bath a fresh, updated look. Hardware for the vanity that complements other finishes in the area is a wonderful final touch.

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    Accessorize Your Guest Bathroom

    Guest bathroom sink decorated with reed diffuser and decorative soap pump closeup

    The Spruce / Michelle Becker

    Add those touches that will make the buyers feel welcome while bringing beauty to space. Invest a little in those smart vanity accessories including soap pumps, lotion, a bathroom scale, matching soap dish, an electric toothbrush, and stylish wastebasket. Fluffy new towels are also a must. Roll them artfully and place them on a rack or in a big wicker basket. Finish the look with a few strategically placed decorative candles and bath salts infused with mild essential oil. Alternatively, a bundle of fresh rosemary sprigs or thyme tied with a pretty satin ribbon could make for a beautiful sight and scent.

    The bathroom may be the home’s smallest area but showing off a clean, spa-like bath is what appeals to buyers. The best part? You don’t have to spend a fortune on it. You can get an elegant and enviable look on a budget with the above decorating ideas. While implementing them, think about what you look for in a bath when you stay at a nice hotel and try to recreate it for the potential buyers. A clean, comfortable, and functional space can really go a long way towards making them feel welcome.