Budget Bathroom Floor Ideas

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Cheap Bathroom Flooring
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One of the best ways to add a sense of fresh energy to your home, while also increasing its inherent property value, is to replace the flooring in your bathroom with something new and stylish. However, you want to be budget conscious when you do this, while also ensuring that you choose a material that will be easy to clean and able to handle the rigors of the bathroom.

Vinyl Bathroom Floors

Vinyl is inexpensive, durable, resistant to water, stains, and damage, and is relatively easy to install. It’s also available printed with nearly any color or pattern you can imagine. This makes it the perfect choice for budget-conscious consumers looking to touch up the style of their bathroom without breaking the bank.

There are however a few drawbacks to vinyl. While it can be very inexpensive, low-quality materials may contain ingredients that can off-gas Volatile Organic Chemicals into the air for a period after installation. Vinyl is also not a long-term floor, and an installation of this material, even properly maintained, should only be expected to keep its appearance for a maximum of about ten years.

  • Price: $0.50 - $4.00 per square foot

Ceramic Bathroom Floor Tiles

Ceramic flooring is made mostly from natural clay mixed with sediments. In its raw form, these tiles are very susceptible to water, stains, and many of the dangers that a bathroom can pose. However glazed ceramics have a melted glass coating that is poured over top of them. This makes the tile impervious to water and stains while allowing manufacturers to print them with a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Low-end ceramics start at just two dollars a square foot, which means that you can get a durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain bathroom floor for a very reasonable price. The one thing to consider though is that ceramic tiles are rather heavy, and paying someone to install them can sometimes more than double the price of the entire installation.

  • Price: $2.00  - $10.00 per square foot

Budget Friendly Concrete Bathroom Flooring

Concrete flooring may already be installed in your bathroom, lurking beneath whatever surface covering is currently adorning the room. That is because concrete is the base structure of most buildings, and as such, it is often the surface that ground and below grade flooring is installed on. If you remove that material, you will often find a surface that can be treated to become a beautiful low maintenance bathroom floor,

Concrete is hard, but it is also porous, so in a bathroom, it will need to be treated with some kind of sealing agent that can protect it against stains and water penetration. However, once it is properly protected it will easy to keep clean, with regular sweeping and damp mopping.

  • Price: $1.00 per square foot on a fresh pour; $2.00 - $5.00 per square foot for moderate decorative options; Elaborate artistic work can cost as much as $15 per square foot.

Brick Bathroom Floor Options 

Brick flooring pavers can be a great way to achieve a rustic, warm, earthy look in your bathroom. Priced on the low end at just four dollars per square foot (when pieced together) these materials need to be treated with a sealer on an annual basis to protect them from all of the hazards that a bathroom can bring.

One of the major drawbacks to brick is that it can be very heavy. Brick pavers are generally only recommended for ground level bathrooms. At the same time installing them can be a work-intensive process, and hiring a professional can significantly drive up the price.

  • Price: $4 - $15 per sq ft.​

Note: Bricks come in assorted sizes and shapes and most are not a full square foot in dimension.