Budget Decorating Ideas for Teenage Bedrooms

Create a Cool Teen Room on a Tight Budget

Teenager bedroom
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Peruse any teen furnishing catalog and you may quickly be overwhelmed with its glossy images of teenage bedrooms that have been decorated with designer home goods. Many magazines and decorating shows cater to the idea that you need tens-of-thousands of dollars worth of furniture and decor to decorate your teenager's bedroom.

However, most parents don't have the funds to lavishly decorate their child's bedroom, nor should you spend your hard-earned cash on furniture, bedding and decor that has inflated mark-ups and little long-lasting value. Truth is, you can create a fabulous room for your teen without going broke in the process - or even without spending much money at all.

Listed below are easy-to-DIY or cheap-to-buy budget decorating ideas for teenage bedrooms that will fit your teen (and your budget) for years to come. For an added bonus, try some of the DIY decorating projects together. You may find that decorating your teen's bedroom is a lot of fun after all!

Furnish your teenage bedroom.
Furnishing your teenage bedroom is a must but when it comes to furniture, you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. I've found that vintage furniture is often better quality than new and can be found for super-cheap at estate sales and flea markets. If you have minimal DIY skills, with a little paint, almost any old piece of furniture can be made into something new. If you prefer new, there are great places to find affordable furniture for teenage bedrooms.
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Begin with the bedding.
Many DIY decorators start with wall color and move on from there, but it is much easier to find paint to match the bedding than vise versa. If you don't have existing bedding for your teenager's room, start there. And never pay full retail! Use our savings tips when shopping stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target or IKEA, or search for new bedding on sites such as Ebay or Overstock. Great deals can be found on quality bedding if you take the time to look.

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Design the walls.
Teens usually like a bit of drama, and decorating is no exception. Choose a solid paint color and then overlay a design in a coordinating shade, or use wall stencils or decals for instant pop. A feature wall is always a fun idea also and can really set the stage for a bit of decorating drama in your teen's bedroom.
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Add a rug.
Teens often sit on the floor so if you have tile or wood flooring, a budget rug may be a must-have. Shag rugs are hard to vacuum but super-soft underfoot. Avoid natural fibers, which can be rough, or wool, which can shed. Whatever you decide on, think cheap. Rugs get soiled easily, especially in areas of high traffic like teenage bedrooms.
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Last, accessorize the space.
It's the decorating details that can really make a room pop. Look for unique items for your teenager's bedroom at secondhand stores, or try your hand at a little DIY. Small decor items such as frames, lighting, throw pillows and storage are also great places to infuse your child's own special style and showcase your child's interests and passions.
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