7 Budget Friendly Design Trends For 2017

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    7 Budget Friendly Design Trends For 2017

    A trendy, modern bedroom

    For all of us who are enjoying a long and enduring love affair with all things related to decorating and design, the very beginning of the year is the very best time to have your ear to the ground. That’s because the end of every year is full of speculation about what trends will define the decor world in the year to come, and the beginning of the new year is when we start to get a real feel for which predictions were on point and which are likely to fall by the wayside. As we get up and running...MORE in 2017 we can all expect to see a flood of new trends coming down the pike. And even more exciting, this year isn’t about design for the super rich but for the homes that we all actually live in. That means that a lot of the hottest ideas for this year can easily be layered into your home because they are inexpensive solutions that are flexible enough to work in just about any room in your home. And for everyone out there fortunate enough to have been born with the DIY gene, 2017 will bring you even more reason to rejoice. Nestled within many of these trends are great DIY projects just begging to be discovered, completed and woven beautifully into your home decor. So whatever your design passion, be it high-end modern or DIY magic, vintage global or all things mid-century, you’ll have no problem bringing new life and new style to your home decor with the new look of 2017. Here’s 7 of our favorite trends that are sure to work for just about any budget.  

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    Wall Tapestries Will Be Big

    Modern, woven wall tapestry
    The Nester

    Tapestries have been around for centuries. These ancient insulators were once the best way to keep heat on the inside of aristocratic homes. But functionality was never the only lure of these large weavings. Their decorative appeal has always been at the heart of their longevity. Today, smaller, modern tapestries with a global feel have been cropping up all over the place. Look close and you’ll realize that you’ve been seeing them for months in the space profiles and home tours of your favorite...MORE online and print publications and likely more than a few of your favorite stores. Modern wall tapestries come in a range of colors, styles and sizes. Whichever you choose they can transform a space with an instant shot of texture, color and pattern. So if you have a bare space or a wall in need of a little extra personality, get it all at once with this one statement piece.

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    Marble Print On Everything

    Elegant marble wallpaper
    Ambient Dizajn

    We all love marble. It’s another design feature that has been around for ages, and it’s not hard to see why. The look, the colors, the texture; there’s just something about the combination of these elements that marble brings that just carries such an air of sophistication it immediately enhances any space. But on the other hand, all of that sophisticated enhancement can get pricey pretty fast. Let’s face it, even in small spaces marble finishes can become a big ticket item. But all of that is...MORE about to change. In 2017, expect to see the marble pattern and quartzite imitations that can look like marble with the gray veining as a feature in various accessories that you’ll use all over the home. Marble is the new pattern of choice on just about everything. Wallpaper, staplers, fabric, pillows and other textiles will all be sporting this elegant pattern. Make marble a part of your new, contemporary looks in this new year.

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    The Color Green Will Be Everywhere

    Bench seating in Greenery, Pantone's color of the year for 2017

    In case you missed the news green is going to have a big year in 2017, and one special shade is set to lead the way. Greenery is the new Pantone color of the year for 2017, so expect to find this nature-inspired shade making an appearance in rooms and on products all throughout the year. But we all know it’s not easy being green. So even if greenery isn’t the color for you, shades of green from the light to the lush will all be having a strong impact all over this year. But there’s more to this...MORE color choice than the arbitrary whims of fashion. Green is a great color to place in the top spot for one very important reason: green literally goes with everything. So whether you’re looking to go big with paint or just add a pop with accent pillows, small accessories or even a plant, green is the color to go to for beautiful spaces that will let everyone know that you are in on the latest design trend.  

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    Beni Ourain Patterns Are Branching Out

    Textured throw pillows in the Beni Ourain style

    Moroccan inspired design has been all the are for the last few years now. From the lanterns to textiles, fabric designs and poufs of all sizes Morocco has been at the center of the design universe for some time and, thankfully, it’s not showing any signs of going away any time soon. In act, one of the biggest influences that Morocco has had on contemporary design has been in the area of rugs. The Beni Ourain in particular has become the rug of choice for contemporary rooms that want their floors...MORE to show a bit of personality. These rugs were everywhere in 2016, and even though there are numerous other versions and styles of the Beni Ourain, those with neutral color palettes and simple geometric patterns quickly became the favorites.  This year you can expect to see the same Beni Ourain pattern and texture that you loved to have underfoot,making the transition from the floor to your sofa. Beni Ourain-inspired accent pillows are coming soon to a sofa near you. This is a fantastic and far more budget-friendly solution for anyone who loves the look and aesthetic of these iconic North African rugs but whose design budget won’t accommodate the expense of a new rug. An accent pillow is also a perfect way to take a pattern and style with proven appeal and raise it up from floor level. It’s a new take on a popular style that will bring a whole new look to your favorite room.

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    Pom Pom Blankets and Throws

    Bedroom textiles decorated with pom poms
    Maryam Montague

    Every year has it’s own signature flourish, that little bit of extra style that becomes so synonymous with the time that years or even decades later people will look at it and say that something is so 80s, 90s, or whatever decade applies. While the style of this decade may still be up for grabs, 2017 is sure to be the year of the pom pom. This year anything in your home that can be embellished with a pom pom or tassel probably will be. It might sound a bit crazy, but rest assured that design...MORE lovers everywhere are already fantasizing about having a pom pom blanket or pillow to call their very own. And if you’re not interested in the hassle of buying tasseled versions of things that you already have around the house, staying on trend shouldn’t be a problem. This little detail can easily be added to your decor, and its a great DIY project for help a slow weekend end with something pretty. Just a few little embellishments that can easily be sewn onto any blanket or pillow is all it takes to take an old accessory and make it trendy right now. 

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    Rustic Objects & Nature Inspired Accessories

    Baskets woven from natural materials

    Nature has always been a part of design. We decorate with plants and with accessories and patterns that evoke the color and feel of the outdoors. This year, the ways in which we incorporate nature into the design of our spaces is going a bit further than potted plants and wooden tables. This year natural elements in home accessories are being layered into the design with a focus on baskets and other accessories made from natural weaving materials. While it’s nothing new to see baskets made from...MORE seagrass, bamboo, or other raw materials, the shapes and forms that we’re going to see this year this year are going to be more unique in their application and the spaces that we’ll see will rely more on these elements to create a grounded, rustic or global feel. Also expect to cork used with more home decor accessories like stools and lids to preserve goods.  

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    Digital Mud Cloth Patterns In Unexpected Places

    Modern bathroom with a beautiful mud cloth shower curtain
    Design Love Fest

    Mud cloth was originally developed centuries ago by the women of the Bamana people of Mali in north west Africa. Like the Kuba prints of The Democratic Republic of Congo, the intricate, interconnected geometrics that give these textiles their signature look never failed to add a layer of global elegance to a space and were a huge trend a few years back. Now, in 2017, mud cloth is coming back in to style, but with an eye towards more budget-friendly design. Typically, we all know that purchasing...MORE a vintage piece of this fabric for our homes meant getting ready to deal with a big ticket price. But now, with digital printing designers are re-creating these mesmerizing prints not only on accent textiles but a variety of other products as well. Expect to see a lot of simplified and re-interpreted versions of Bamana mud cloth on wallpaper, pillows, and home accessories.